Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hillary ... oh ... Hillary (part 2)

We are not Americans that are for sure; therefore Hillary’s nor Obama’s speech will give a huge impact on Indonesian 2009 election.

But, as a country, where the preparation of 2009 election has started in 2008, I think we should take the American President Election as an example of how to fight in a grown up manner.

It’s a shame to read the news that former president Megawati (or the other former president, depends on the regime) didn’t come to the Palace on Indonesian Independence Day celebration, while the others come.

It’s beyond my expectation when I read of how people were stunned because of her speech, and how beautiful her speech, even though others may say that it is part of politic, but still … it’s a nice move and showed the maturity of her.

Compare to Indonesia, phew … maybe it takes 100 years for Indonesia to be able like her, admitted her defeat bravely while at the same time still consistent with her view of certain issue.

Here I copied some of
her speech

We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges. Leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.
This won't be easy. Progress never is. But it will be impossible if we don't fight to put a Democrat in the White House.

We need to elect Barack Obama because we need a President who understands that America can't compete in a global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators, while ignoring the workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas. We need a President who understands that we can't solve the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies while ignoring opportunities to invest in new technologies that will build a green economy.

We need a President who understands that the genius of America has always depended on the strength and vitality of the middle class.

When I wrote these, my oldest daughter asked me whether am Hillary’s fans. I said I admired her but for some reason I love Barack Obama.

Yes, I admired her because of her speech and her consistency in the issue that she fights for.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hillary ... oh .... Hillary

Just wandering when are we going to have a leader like her ?

She gave a good example of how to gain respect even though the Democrat didn’t give her a ticket as Democrat representative for the President election.

The headline was everywhere, even Bill Clinton gave his salute to Obama that “ordinary man doing extraordinary things” …

To lose the opportunity when it seems so close is tough but to ask her voter to support her rival, is also beyond ordinary. Needs an open and positive mind.

Will continue later ..
Have to rush to Cirebon this early morning

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm No Superman

I can’t do this all on my own
I know that I’m no superman
I’m no superman
- Scrubs -

I was in my victory dance when suddenly my team reported to me that Miss Who Knows Everything complained of my way to not recruiting another member to strengthen my team, besides questioning the decision of not buying the sophisticated system.

I felt that suddenly somebody was trying to hold my nose for 20 sec which made me gasp of fresh air.

At that time, I didn’t want to destroy my victory dance, especially after the I couldn’t sleep rhythm on that night.

But the next day, after another lame-brain made his move, then I started to drag myself to nutshell, and come to this thought of these office type people :

1. “The Who Knows Everything than others.” You will notice this type of person when that person start to tell the story of someone’s past story or the worst part when that person start to investigate their “leader-to-be” or their colleague position in new company or when they start to comment everyone’s job.

2. “The Flirty.” Hm ...., this person will use their flirt ability to influence their goals or to get the leakage information.

3. “The Gossiper”. What is the difference with “The Who Knows Everything than Others ?” Quick glance, both of them looks like similar, but actually there’s a difference in terms of their objective. The objective of the gossiper only to spread the rumors, nothing more than the happiness of spreading the rumors, can be positive can be negative. While The Who Knows Everything the objective is to make someone looks bad, to turn down somebody.

4. “The Where the Wind Blow”. Oh … this is the fun part of this type of person. They will support their boss or even get along with their colleague, where in the beautiful spotlight but can suddenly turn that person down just because life is not in that person side.

5. “The Play Safe”. Well … most of the people in the office are in these zone. Not because their bad, but because of thousand reason. One of the reasons is because they don’t have the chance to be in that war and second because of their safety net. The worst part is when this type of person makes a mistake; they will try to find someone to become their victim, their scapegoat.

6. “The Supportive”. Whatever the reason, this type of person always see the bright side and always think ahead to rectify the unfortunate condition.

7. “The Stupid”. This person always think that people never have bad intention to others, as long as they never hurt somebody, than there’s no reason for others to have bad intention to them.

The truth, I didn’t give a damn of these type of people in the office, until I watch “Scrubs”, then I realize that we need these kind of people otherwise our life will be lame.

I still hate those who do the bad things, but I think I have to learn how to play nicely without lose the ground.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Accident, Hospital and The News .. in Indonesian way

For all of you who live in Jakarta, Indonesia and read Jakarta Post newspaper, then you might notice city news of August 20.

The news title is “Malaysian hit by TransJakarta bus on 19 August. The person that the journalist mentioned in that news is my colleague. The accident was true but the identity is totally wrong, because he’s not 23 y.o. and not Malaysian Embassy staff. In fact, he’s one of our chief in our company.

He didn’t bring his car at that day so he took a taxi and no one of his family accompanied him at the hospital, in fact, we were the one who knew that he got an accident.

Also about the injury statement from the head of Jakarta Police accident, where he stated that there’s no vital injury in my friend’s vital organ, was totally wrong. He had suffered serious injuries; the doctor in Jakarta would like to amputate his right arm and didn’t notice that his ribs and right hand were broken. He also has to undergo brain surgery.

We just finished our workshop when my HR VP suddenly informed us that our colleague had an accident. I rushed called my former boss and asked him to contact our colleague’s wife since suddenly I lost my colleague wife’s number.

Then we heard that my colleague’s secretary already in the hospital, to take care all of the administration and insurance, since he has SOS medical insurance.

Therefore when we read the article in Jakarta Post, we were confused. But since the accident by Transjakarta on that day only once, then the article must be pointed to our colleague.

The worst part is about Indonesian doctor decision to amputate his right arm. Lucky that his wife is a doctor and all of her family also doctors, so she consults his husband condition to her entire family. The decision finally came out around 10.30 PM that he will evacuate to KL before finally changed to Singapore, since her brother in law have recommended her to the one of neurologist specialist in Singapore.

When the decision came out, there’s no flight to evacuate him. SOS only is able to evacuate him around 06.00 AM.

Phew, being in the hospital that night really made some of us awake. The hospital is a private hospital where several years ago, my doctor (now he’s already become a professor) got banned to practice. The reason were so simple because he’s handle HIV-AIDS patient and he were active in giving the understanding of how to deal with HIV-AIDS patient. At that time, HIV-AIDS is something new here not like today.

Therefore, as a private hospital then he should be ready with all of the preparation to handle a patient like my colleague, but in fact, they didn’t. My friend has to buy an ice cube so the hospital could put my colleague’s arm in the ice.

Second, the decision to amputate his arm. Well, I’m not an expert, I’m as blind as others, but the amazing one, doctor in KL and Sing were so sure that they can save my colleague’s arm. Therefore, they instructed that he must be evacuated before 05.00 AM.

The news that I got yesterday, the operation of saving his right arm in Singapore succeed, and now he’s in close monitoring before they operate his brain.
Third, the information from SOS administration which at the end made us panics. The information was like a professional. She stated that when the decision to evacuate came out then SOS will take care all the preparation to evacuate the patient. We were assuming that the plane was ready. Because the time of evacuation is important for the patient, especially if there’s several action to safe patient organ.

The fact, when SOS doctor finally came and the decision was safe to evacuate the patient, the plane is not there.

Well …. I just remember of gj’s post on August 14, “You Know You’ve Been in Indonesia Too Long If.” There a bunch of list in his article about foreigner who followed most (not all) Indonesian people will do.

I think I will add … You Know you’ve been in Indonesia too long if …

You believe doctor’s statement that there’s no hope for your life
You only read 1 newspaper and never read other’s newspaper or news portal

I don’t want to discredit Indonesian doctor, I have several doctor’s were they recommendation were logic, where they examined you carefully. There is also a lot of incidence where Indonesian doctor have done amazing job.

But to get that kind of doctor especially when fate is not with you is like a miracle.
My late beloved father had lost one of his eyes because the doctor gave wrong recommendation and since my father didn’t want to get second opinion, so he underwent that operation.

I know that even in other countries there are also mall practices or doctor that gave wrong recommendation. The problem is others bad story never come out. Their story only appears in movie, like John Doe or Awake …

Its life anyway … can be happening anywhere …

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ecky and Her Tag

I should have written this a month ago but for some reason I couldn’t do it and since I always remember her Tag (feel like I owe her), so this is my thought.

If you asked me which part in my life that I would like to return, I would say that I would like to return to every part of my life.

Every season has their own memory and so is my life. Every stage in my life has their own memory, good and bad.

But in all the stages that I’ve been through, if God give me a chance to return, then I’ll choose the age when I was in high school, between 16 – 18 y.o.

The reason ?

The reason is because there are a lot of opportunity happened in that period where I ignore.

I wish I could be more serious in my English and France course, more serious in my study, instead of take for granted my mom effort in putting me into that course.

If I learned my France seriously then it must be easier for me to take scholarship in France, to be France translator, to introduce my company.

I also wish I could be more serious in taking the photography lesson from my beloved dad. I should learned how to print the photo, how to play in his dark room.

He introduced me to the world of photography through his camera but as usual, I didn’t even put my interest on his entire story of photography.

I wish I could be at that age again, and this time I could maximize the opportunity instead of let it go like before.

…….. and this time, I have to pass this opportunity to my other friends ….Dini, John, Rhymee and Xun

Happy Independence Indonesia

Dear My Country,

Happy Independence ….
Hope God always is with you and your family.
May your coming year will be happier than before …

People say that the getting older is the happiest thing, because the older we are the wiser we are. Hope you will feel the same thing …

I know that lately your life were not quite good,
There are a lot of issue in your family, from religion up to the poverty issue, from the bribing issue up to corruption (well ... bribe and corruption are like coin, aren’t they), from the party preparation for next year election up to Olympics issue, and other things.

I also read in the newspaper that the celebration were like last year, except the celebration at Jalan Jaksa, where the tourist took part.

Seems that everybody was enjoying your party … (good for you).

But, I also noticed that people especially your grand children, take the celebration for granted. They even did not notice the story when you were free even though you have given them the freedom to talk, to write and to read (off course).

I don’t know why your children keep it as a secret. They only told your grandchildren the stories that give benefit to their own purposes. I don’t think either that your grandchildren do aware of the Great Names besides their president.

Do they know Gajah Mada ? or Tan Malaka ? or the others who perform the foundation of the country ?

I bet, they know but they don’t understand those Great Names effort of your Independence.

I read somewhere that we have to learn from the past. History is not about the past it is also about the future, because from the past we learn something that makes us like today.

Well, anyway, the celebration of your Independence gave people a chance to take a long vacation and time for rest, something that we need lately.

Once again, Happy Independence Indonesia. Hope that the celebration will not make us forget the past and others Great Name besides the other Great Name which written in our history book.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

He's Gone .....

The empty chair still there, his entire wardrobe still in the closet, his book and his camera still in their place, except some of his sculpture, the rest were still the same like before, when he was alive.

It’s so painful, every time I sat in my dining table; I have to face the empty seat. Every time I wish I will hear his voice, debate all my opinion about every thing, from politic into small things, but at the same time I heard my inner voice told me that he has gone.

I live everyday like he is still alive; wish that there’s a voice warned me to left one of the newspaper at home

Last night, when we had dinner, I saw my calendar nothing changes, its still in July; no one wants to move it to August.

Then suddenly I’ve got smoke in my eyes, my inner voice whispered in my ears that he has gone.

Every night after that day, I always wake up at the same time my nephew woke me up and closed my eyes the same time when he has gone.

Every night, there’s a system in my body reminds me on that day.

Part of myself know that he’s happy now but the “children” part of myself difficult to accept that he has gone forever, gone from my life.

I know that what left from him only the memory and I’m afraid that someday I may forget the memory, the good and the bad one. I’m afraid that someday I may forget his face, the peacefulness face when he met his creator.

If I know that it was his last day with us, if I know that he will go that quickly I will ask for his apology of my “stubbornness”.

Yesterday, when I cleared my old thing, I found his “black and white” sunset picture, the picture that both of us loved, the picture that he printed by himself in his dark room long time ago when everything was perfect. Then I felt that he sent me a message to let him go, a message to let me know that he’s happy now.