The Journey Start Here

Life is full of new beginning 
Everyday is a new day
There is no rewind button nor repeat button

Seize the day, enjoy till the last drop

Some time ago, when I was at Aksara Book Store - Plaza Indonesia,  I found an interesting book  to write a line or two lines, everyday for 365 days.

A book that reminds me to get back to my passion - writing. The passion which in the past is the purpose of my life, the passion that for some reason need to be left behind.

And the passion that finally let me write a blog several years ago, a blog that for some reason, need to be abandon for a while.

So, this is it, this is the time to start my own nutshell like before, a place where I can share my thought, a place where I can leave my trail.

Thank you so much for my BFF dearest sister, Fransiska Orris-Beding, who introduced me to this beautiful blog - AYear To Inspire - that inspired me to write again.


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