Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My New Life

I remember my discussion with my close friend at my previous life 4 months ago.

We discuss about my idea to change my corporate life to entrepreneur life.

At 1st, none of them gave their supportive comment of my new life. They said that I don't have an entrepreneur blood, others said that I'm crazy, others said it must be because of your yoga...

But after a while, half of them (which is male...am not anti-gender) gave their support.

They gave me a bunch of advice, which is my minus point in my daily work....; they said that I have to focus, have to go to details, always do the follow up.

And when the day come, on 9 December 2005, they wish me luck.

One of them told me that the worst part is the first 3 months, if I can pass that 3 months..then I will survive.

Now..it is almost 2 months...and to tell you the truth...it is hard. Not as expected. I start to blame myself , having insomnia lately. Blame my self to be the impulsive person.

But I still remember my friends advice, when I scream for help .....that the 1st 3 months is the way God reminds me to contemplate, mirroring my self of my past life....

This month, on the 7th of February, I will go for Asian Living Exhibition...(my 1st test case)
I do hope that I still have the courage to start from the beginning if the exhibition fail, as I always remind my self that it's my chance to be a business woman....

........The last powerfull advice I have from my "fighting" partner........