Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Secret

If we know each other’s secret. What comforts we should find.
John Churton Collins

We always thought that our secret is “ours” but in fact we forgot that others also can read our body language, our tone of voice, our smile, our sadness.

And that time, their experience of the past, will tell them what the secret is.

No matter how hard we try to hide the secret, sooner or later, the secret will come to the surface like an open book.

And that time, the soul of a secret vanished.

We never realized the pain that we bear when we tried to keep that secret to be a secret. We always put reason for the realization of suffering that we try to avoid.

Therefore, when somebody asked me, when is the right time to unlock a secret ?

Then I remembered my answer to that question, “When you are ready to take the consequences of that secret in your life.”

… That day, that secret is still a secret, since no one can read their body language, their tone of voice, their smile, their look at each other …