Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Friday and Weekend

I felt exhausted yesterday. After the meeting in the morning, suddenly I have to prepare the presentation for Monday and Tuesday to share our dept plan for 2007 and 2008. While at the same time, suddenly the Finance and GS people rushed me to give them my number for next year.

I don’t understand those people. They thought I could pick the number easily. Do they know that all the number relate to a thing call “plan” ?

… Well, all of that chaos made me forgot my appointment with my friends from my previous company. It has been months since I met them in July. I miss them. Wondering the fairy gossip mother spread the news. Nothing more interesting then listening to that kind of story during happy hours in the evening. Like we used to do.

I remember one of my friends said that there’s no “friends” term in work. You can’t find a friend there. I was so angry when he reminds me of his lovely words. Until suddenly I read my “Power” book, then I understand what he means by that.

Yeah, it’s difficult to find a “friend” there. Especially when everybody try to save their own, to get the attention from the “master” that they were number one.

However, I don’t want that“minor” things ruin my life now. So, every time I feel that my life in the office like hell, I push “my pause” button. If it didn’t work, then I put my Ipod on.

… What’s next ?


Only feel that I should bring my camera every time and take the snapshot during my way back home. I was stuck in the middle of traffic jam at Otista, East Jakarta, yesterday, and I saw a bunch of worker who works for buss way took a nap on the buss way road. I felt sorry for them. It must be hard for them.

Tibo, Dominggus and Marianus, read their story at the Catholic Magazine. I can’t say that they were innocent but the treatment they got from our government was horrible. It’s beyond the human right value. I could not understand the arrogance of the official public prosecutor. Theirs request was so simple, it won’t harm anybody. Our government said that we have to respect one another, respect the diversity of the religion. In this case, I don’t think that they walk what they talk.

The Devils wears Prada. My young adult specialist in film at TBI, we add his name from Rana to Rana Spielberg, criticize my habit of buying that pirate DVD. He told me to watch that film at the theater. Hm…he makes me think of something. This time, I will watch that movie at the theater. Hehehe… I will run from my office at 4 pm then go the theater by myself. Wondering what it feels…..

Weekend. Besides one of my family wedding reception and bunch of my DVD’s collection, I have my homework presentation.

.. Wish I could add the list by reading one of my book collections

Friday, September 29, 2006

A story about "Take the Lead"

by Liz Friedlander

Fascination – Nat King Cole
.. The opening song at the ballroom dance competition ..

It was fascination
I know
And it might have ended at the start
Right then, at the start
Just a pacing glance
Just a brief romance
And it might have gone
On my way
Empty hearted

It was fascination
I know
Seeing you alone
With the moonlight above
Then I touch your hand
And next moment
I kiss you
Fascination turned to love

It was fascination
I know
Seeing you alone
With the moonlight above
Then I touch your hand
And next moment
I kiss you
Fascination turned – to – love

Watching this film, reminds me of my wishes, learn Tango
Adopted from the true story of Pierre Dulain, a dance teacher, who taught a group of in-detention kids to reform themselves through ball dance class, where nobody believes that he would succeed, was something different. Especially because most of the films like “encouraging to something that no one believe” are in the sport area, for not to say all.

It was nice to learn Rock, the astonished boy, finally could make a good decision for himself – be a follower of a gang – to be someone who’s responsible for his own life.

Learned the philosophy, that the man lead the steps but it is also depends on the woman, whether she trust the man to lead the step, that the choice and trust play the important things of the beautiful dance. While at the same time, the man learned to respect the woman.

It’s not a boring movie, full of beautiful dance like Tango, Fox Trot and Ballroom dance.

Oh .. I envy people who could Tango …

Between Heaven and Hell *

We learn the intonation in heavy syllable today. It was so fun especially because Rana, my youngest second grade friends, were in. He was so obsess to be a movie director and every single things he convert it as a scene. His imagination beyond our expectation.

When we have to give simple statement using the heavy syllable, then I started with “ Rana Spielberg got a scholarship from Lim Kwok College in KL”. Afterwards the other statement roll out like it’s been years in his memory.

He called me a “hippy mother” because of the subject of white lies that we discuss. Last week we talked about innuendoes and compared with Bahasa. We knew that we have that kind of language in our own, but we did not know how we called it in our grammatical.

We always made a joke in every single session of our unit. The worst part was when we discussed about innuendoes because Rana could not stand of himself to find that “innuendo” word.

I love my class. No matter how bad my day in the office, every time I enter my English room, I felt my new energy automatically took place the old one. It seems that my class likes a nutshell for me.

I remember last night, my friend text me, she told me that she couldn’t handle her workload anymore, so she decided to go to Borobudur hotel for a massage. She asked me whether I would like to join her. I thanked her and told her that I’m already at my lovely nutshell. I don’t want to replace my time at my “nutshell” with the massage.

The truth is I have a bad day in our office. We have implemented the new pre paid program registration as advised by our government. Automatically, this new system plus the new program have an impact in the number of customers activation. We started the program on 26 September and as predicted, there was a little bit of chaos. My boss yelled at me like hell and panicked. He accused me by not telling him the truth. In fact, I did not have the picture of our customer activation. I only have the calls traffic.

Therefore, like a good troops, I changed the staff composition of every shift. Emergency called that was my instruction to my one down.

Yesterday morning, I have the report that the new shift arrangement worked. The number of our customer increased. I was happy.

But, as Gus Dur has the “whisper person” so were him. Too bad that the person did not tell him the correct one. In the evening, I have the worst email from him. Blaming my team as the cause of this trouble and copied it to our division team. I was so angry but I have to find a way to explain the truth.

I didn’t have much time yesterday, have to interview my call center candidate and at the same time try to prove that there was an improvement. I felt so bad that I have to do the interview while at the same time do the calculation.

But have to say that it was worth. I can show to my boss that the number looks greater because of the accumulation. The “whisper person” tries to emphasize that whatever the reason the number was getting higher. I felt that I want to yell at her but I know that it was not a good way to encounter. Thus, wore my smile mask on my face, I told her nicely, by given the comparison.

The result …. Have to put it on written today …..

Phew, ….since today is the time to shake our body; I will go home as early as possible and watch my bunch of pirate. I try to be like silverlines but as soon as I put my DVD on, my sleepy eyes will do the reaction. Or maybe I will do my yoga. The problem is I'm fasting. It's been two days since I made my decission to do the fasting.

The summary ... Nothing else to say, my English class cured my stress and relief my burden yesterday. Have to thank my lovely class.

* Written on 28 and 29

Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Title

After struggled with my English course progress test a couple months ago, finally I could catch up my grade as before. I thought that it would be worst since I never touch or does my grammar practice after the course like before, but hehehe…maybe the fairy mother was being nice…

Well, life’s seems so busy recently. I had to cancel my yoga on last Friday because of the silly meeting, which ended at 7.00 pm. My yoga class started on 6.30 pm at Four Season, and with the lovely buss way development, it took almost one hour from Kebon Sirih. That meeting on Friday really ruined my day, especially because I have to attend the seminar of our group growth on Saturday.

Anyway, I have a good time after that … ; or maybe because I pretend to have a good time by shopping at Zara. Finally I got a blouse to match with my skirt :)

Visited my neighbor blog and got the new idea to release my tension … watch my DVD’s collection. Hm…thanks to silverline, who gave me the idea.

The rest .. was like before except for the fasting things and my English class.

I tried to respect my husband by do the fasting, especially on the 1st day of Ramadhan. It went normal until I heard my lovely manadonese traditional snack seller came and offered me to buy the snack. It was so tempting. I couldn’t stand myself to break my fasting. So, like a 3 years old kid, I asked my husband permission, apologize because I have to break the fasting….

… hm…it’s time to go back to my computer game …;

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lost in Friends with Money

by Nicole Holofcener

What should I say ? That yes, woman when they reach certain age, they started too worried about themselves, their children, their lives, their friends ? Moreover, sometimes they were less patient ?

This film try to picture of the quartet of life-long friends who have achieved a level of comfort in their lives, even Jennifer Aniston, who work as a maid by her own choice; and all of them have their own un-settled problem, like sex, aging, affair and charity events.

It suppose to be good, because their problem is people’s everydays live, our own problem, our day- to day un-settled problem.

However, unfortunately, I didn’t see their struggle to solve their problem, or even their partner dealt with their wives problem.

It seems that the director let us to make our own “journey”, our own interpretation, which is at the end make me lost. Like our own routine, having breakfast, nothing special.

However, besides that “lost” thing, I found something interesting, reminds me of my mom when she advice me, “Accept the reality, you are not younger anymore. You’re a grown up woman (not to say “Old”).”.

Hilarious - She's the Man

by Andy Fickman

It’s Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, translated to prep school soccer and this film has been made 11 years ago. It’s called “Just One of the Guys. My mistake”.

The film started when a teenage girl, Viola, discovers her soccer team has been cut from her school. She got the idea to disguises herself as her twin brother and takes his place at his new boarding school for two weeks.

As like other teenage girl , she falls in love with her new roommate, who’s the captain of her new soccer team, Duke.

Things get more complicated when his twin brother back from London and when she finds out that she becomes the object of affection of the beautiful Olivia, the girl whom Duke loves.

As “Bend like Beckham”, this movie also told us that “gender” is not an issue. Even though we are a woman, we could compete with the man, at the same level. There’s no man’s job or woman’s job, we are equal in terms of work.

Well, my intention of giving the review, is not to discuss the gender issue. My intention only to say that if you need a movie to release your tension, then watch this.

It’s hilarious, it’s release my tension after the 4 hours long meeting on Monday.

Friday, September 22, 2006


One of my friend sent me these picture. Others sent me an email stated that during the fasting month, he is not definetely available for night life party, drinking, flirting, selling (?) and bitching. He assure us that after Ramadhan, he is definetely available for any activities that can bring the best of him and become "the better version of himself".

Couldn’t say anything only my wishes to all of my friends, who’s entering the Ramadhan, that they can pass their Ramadhan with happiness.

A story about "The Bollywood Beauty"

by Shalini Akhil

I always wonder how was it feel when I have to stay abroad, especially in Middle East, Europe and America. Not because I’m against them, no …; in fact, the way my mother raised me were more western then Asian. The value that my mother taught me for some of my relatives were not reflected Asian value. Therefore, even though I’m not staying abroad, I also experienced the culture clash.

My first experience with culture clash was my left-handed. When I was a child, even after I worked in a multi national company, the well-known Bank, people will starred at me because I’m left handed. Some was amazed, some saying that it was unethical. It’s really a nightmare of me. Every time I have to explain why my parents let me write with my left hand.

Anyway, my intention is to give the reason why I read “The Bollywood Beauty”. It started when I saw this book under Asian Literature shelf; the cover fascinated me. With the background of Melbourne, there was a girl holding a cell phone wearing colorful Indian sari and it is not just stop as it is. The bright, typical Indian color, were all over the book. I could not stand myself not to pick the book.

The story, as I’ve been predicted, tells about a culture clash, about discovery and self-discovery of Kesh, an Indian girl who born and bred in Australia.

The writer picture an Indian family who’s never visited India but still keep their culture tradition, sometimes more Indian then people who stay and lives in India.

Live in Australia, where going out with a man, smoke a cigarette, be in the night life society, and consume an alcohol, are something normal; for Kesh parent’s was a big no no.

Be in the family, who were marriage through arrangement, and thought that it was nice to arrange the same way too for their daughter, was something beyond her understanding.

Shalini Akhil, the writer, shares this in her delicious and highly spiced novel. Like Bollywood movie, she put the dishes up tears, laughter, music and food, with a truly scary dinner dance thrown in … and a final happy ending .. just like Bollywood movie except this is a novel “Bolywood Beauty”

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today Agenda

My schedule today and am still fighting to accomplish it all. Silly huh ?

Finish the requirement for RFP, staff capacity calculation, finish customer care plan for the next five years, lunch with my fighting, inspiration old friend, meeting with call center outsource vendor, press conference at Niko hotel and English course.

Hm ... the 4th, 5th and 6th, all of it was so hard to manage. Having lunch at 12.00 then have to rush to Niko hotel at the latest by 1.30 pm while at 2.30 pm have another meeting with outource vendor.

From the above three, the 4th is something that I longing for. Haven't seen my friend for several weeks. Our friendship is like a vitamin for me. Both of us have plan to this lunch for almost two weeks. Both of us have a tight schedule.

Wish that fairy good mother do something with her magic wand.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pre Wedding Gift

Several years ago on a mid September day, Adi Seno who was part of Mapala climbers took me to my first climbing trip. It was my pre wedding gift from an old friend, he told me through the phone.

Adi is an experienced climber whereas I don’t have any knowledge about mountain climbing.

We left Jakarta early Saturday morning after I finish working on Friday. Our fist plan was to climb Mt. Gede but since we didn’t bring the permit, we climbed Mt. Salak instead.

When we started, the weather was relatively good but when we were in the middle of our trip, the weather suddenly got worse. Heavy rain accompanied us during our way to the summit. Adi could easily climb the mountain but not me. I was having difficulty in manage my step. It was hard for me to climb in the middle of rain. I fell down many times; try to balance myself and the backpack. Tried to find a path with the tiny lamp on my head.

We didn’t reach the summit that night. I was exhausted and refused to continue the climbing event though the sky was clear. Adi decided to take a rest for a while before early in the morning continue the trip. Not more than 10 minutes after we put our sleeping bag, I already in heaven.

I had a bunch of funny stories about myself, but the worst part was when I had to go to wee. No toilet – no anything, we were in the middle of the mountain. Therefore, he instructed me to do my number 1 duty at the bushes. During am doing my number 1 duty, I heard a bunch of several climbers behind my back. Without finished the task, I ran to my sleeping bag and slept. The next morning, Adi was so happy to tease me because of what I did.

We woke up early in the morning. Adi insisted me to continue the climbing but I refused. The pain that I suffer really made me afraid to continue the journey. So even though it was close to the summit, I prefer we went back to the base.

It was not the end of the story. The worst part was I have to drove from Adi's house to mine and had to work on Monday. What a nightmare. Pretended that everything was fine, no pain, no anything, and gave my best smile to every customer.

Looking back into those days, I had to say that he was extremely patient. He helped me with the raincoat, taught me how to use the hat with the tiny lamp, took out the leech from my raincoat and help me bring my backpack during our trip back on the next day.

Since that day, my climbing trip to Mt. Salak, was the happy memories of the most beautiful pre wedding gift I have from an old friend.

My English writing task from Hemma Patel. She’s going to move to Dubai on 25 October 2006 for good.

So what’s up till yesterday :
Traffic jam, laughter and gossiping during launch, meeting at Cyber, bought 12 DVD (I don’t know whether I have time to watch it all – my bad habit), finish my work at TBI library, be the only student in my English class and several business phone call on way back home.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Every 30 Minutes

Somebody : I think you should learn how to distract yourself from your routine. Otherwise,
you will experience the same level of stress like before. Why don’t you arrange
your alarm clock in your cell phone every 30 minutes, to remind you for a break.
Only 5 minutes break.

Me : What if I’m in the middle of meeting ? what if I was in the middle of giving the

presentation ? what if I have to finish my report because of the deadline ? (me
and my what if question)

Somebody : Hey ! you are not a child anymore. The alarm only work for a reminder. If you

feel that, you still have the energy then continue your work. But, at least, with
the reminder, it will distract you from your routine. Therefore, you will notice if
you have to stop for a while. I know you so well. You always forget to distract
yourself from your routine especially if the task was challenging.

Me :
Ok…thank you for the advice. Will follow your advice….:)

..... It's almost 2 weeks now and I haven't follow the advice. I think if I want to make my life more colorfull like before, then I have to discipline with the 30 minutes distraction....

Yoga and Burden

My friend told me that my blog look like a bunch of complaint story lately. Well .. maybe. As far as I can recall, my past few weeks was full with meeting, coaching and interviewing.

Conveying the same message repeatedly, concentrating to find the truth of what they were saying, was more nerve-wracking then doing the routine.

So what can I say ? The decisive moment of every day ? There’s a bunch of moment truth in my every day life. However, from a pile of decisive moment, there’s only one which affect my thought, like my yoga at four season. Not only because finally I have the time to attend but also because during the relaxation, I felt completely relax.

I came late but I could catch the class. The pose was not harder than before, I still could follow every single instruction, except for Upavista Konasana ( Seated angle posture ) and Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana ( One leg folded forward bend ). I always fail to do that, especially now days after I’ve been absent for more than 9 months and never practiced it at home. All that kind of instruction related to that posture always makes me feel smile, smile because I never made it.

Anyway, from all of the posture instruction, what I remember most was the relaxation. It seems that my entire load on my shoulders was taken away.

I felt happy after the class. Having hot shower, smell the freshness of the soap, was enough to pay my three weeks meeting and coaching.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pope Benedict and his speech

Faith,Reason and the University
Memories and Reflection

Pope Benedict’s speech, the hot issue within this week.

I have read the original text of his speech at the University of Regensburg. There’s nothing special there, only his quotation of Byzantine Emperor during the Emperor discussion of Christianity and Islam with educated Persian. The kind of discussion that need one’s head high. The kind of discussion where the intention is to bridge the understanding. The discussion where the output is to respect one another.

So, here I quote the last statement of his speech : "In their earlier conversations, many false philosophical opinions had been raised, and so Socrates says: "It would be easily understandable if someone became so annoyed at all these false notions that for the rest of his life he despised and mocked all talk about being - but in this way he would be deprived of the truth of existence and would suffer a great loss". The West has long been endangered by this aversion to the questions which underlie its rationality, and can only suffer great harm thereby. The courage to engage the whole breadth of reason, and not the denial of its grandeur - this is the program with which a theology grounded in Biblical faith enters into the debates of our time…….It is to this great logos, to this breadth of reason, that we invite our partners in the dialogue of cultures. To rediscover it constantly is the great task of the university."

My reflection of the controversial issue.

Dinner Invitation

There’s one invitation that always make me feel like in prison … “Business Dinner Invitation”.

I hate that kind of business ceremonial especially during the weekend, firstly because weekend is my day, secondly because my collection formal dress either office like or kebaya (Indonesian national gown), thirdly because I have to act like a Japanese doll, smile and nodded during the conversation.

I just feel that after almost a week, I have to wear the formal dress, and it’s about time to wear something that I like. Time to wear my jeans, short, t-shirt and cotton pants, anything – as long as it could make me feel relax and free.

….. However, can’t say NO, have to attend … Nothing much can say, only “Thank you for the invitation. Yes, I’m coming."

LOL, have checked my gown collection. I only have night gown and kebaya besides my business dress. Can't imagine going to a business dinner with a night gown. Anyway, I haved log on into, and thanks GOD, there's a bunch of cocktail gown collection there.

Just wait for the D-Day….; then I will post my cocktail dress that I wear.

Monday, September 11, 2006

AUTHORITY - the 1st battle

Know how to use enemies for your own profit.
You must learn to grab a sword not by its blade, which would cut you, but by the handle, which allows you to defend yourself.
The wise man profits more from his enemies, than a fool from his friends.
(Baltasar Gracian, 1601 - 1658)

Above is the quotation I took from "POWER", the book that I bought several years ago.
Lucky that I have that book.
After experiencing with a gang who stabbed me in the back, there's nothing else to start the battle, my own battle.

Today is the 1st day when I will kill my enemy bit by bit.
I have planed my battle while I'm watching "Teaching Mrs Tingle", playing with my yahoo game. I planed several scenarios.

I’ll not kill my enemy in a rude way but I’ll transform my enemy into far more reliable subjects.

The first time in my life, in my career, I’m doing this.No other choice, either I’ll be dead or my enemy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boring Fact

I lost my appetite to write even though I have a bunch of story in my head.

I think it’s because of the marketing plan meeting rally last week. We only had 1 week to finalize the idea before presented the idea to Board of Director. I’m neither in the product development division nor in the product plan marketing but since, customer care was under Marketing, so I had to joint the meeting party.

Yesterday, on the weekly marketing meeting, the interesting topic was the bad service of Call Centre. As a person who’s not the new comer in that area, by seeing the fact, I know the symptom of the disease.

It is a tough discussion last night, to present the fact and the cure program. Especially when the VP Marketing still questioning the fact that cause the disease. He asked me to elaborate my crash program to cure the disease.

So, went back to home and browsing the net to found out something that can proof my statement. Until I found something in the news that I plan to share it with him this morning.

Here I quote one of the boring fact of contact center :

"Agent satisfaction is a key contributor to customer satisfaction, so it is important to focus on agent empowerment. The contact centers’ key is a vision and strategic roadmap to productivity through customer and agent satisfaction," he said.

Luxford said monitoring, training, and coaching agents remains the number one area for improvement, as often times companies sacrifice this in lieu of filling more chairs to the detriment of both agent and consumer in an industry which is often misunderstood