Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kampoeng Maen Fair 2008

Excited and Exhausted ….. Two words that came up from my daughters and nephew.

I took them to Kampoeng Maen Fair, with the intention to balance their knowledge of Indonesian traditional game versus the modern one, especially after they went to Kidzania, the game zone with modern tools where they felt the unforgotten experience.

The atmosphere of Kampoeng Maen Fair, really reminds me of my childhood where our imagination can fly high, where there’s no clean and dirty concept, where the heat of the sun has the same temperature with the air con.

The idea of 7 (seven) Kampoeng were brilliant, every child were so excited with the activities. They are willing to queue just for the sake of the game.

The most popular game was Flying Fox game, as a person who had went several times in outbound activities, Flying Fox were something a “normal” one. But for a child, it’s an amazing game, their mind started fly to the unknown space.

And because it was the most popular, Flying Fox also the worst queue in that Fair. It took more than an hour to be able to try that game.

The second worst was the queuing in Kampoeng Rasa, where the kids can learn how to cook some of Indonesian desert like Martabak and Arum Manis. When my daughters wanted to learn to make Arum Manis, the Caldera officer in duty said that they were taking a rest, and then an hour later they said that they didn’t have the ingredient any more. I was so upset.

The other upset things was when we were in queue to play with Indonesian traditional game, the Caldera officer in duty suddenly got amnesia of us, who had been first in queue, when a lady suddenly abrupt in front of him, before pleased her and her kids to by pass us.

The last one was no garbage bin. This is un-acceptable situation for me. I taught my daughters to throw the trash away in the garbage but in this Fair, it’s so difficult to find a bin.

Just wondering why suddenly Caldera forgot to put a lot of garbage bin in the arena. I was speechless, especially when my daughters asked me why there’s no garbage bin here.

As far as I know, Caldera is a group of nature lover. And based on my knowledge as a nature lover we are not allow to threw the garbage everywhere especially when we climbed a mountain we have to bring down the garbage back.

Well …. Maybe the event is too big and make them forgotten one of the important thing, “How to take care our earth”.

The idea of the fair was brilliant; the execution was far from brilliant.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Magic or Risk

Paulo Coelho's question in his blog :
In Brida, a book that I wrote back in 1990, there are two ways to recognize your soul mate. Through Magic – meaning : entering a state of trance in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soul mate – or by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate. So here is my question : Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes ?

When I stumble on this question, by nature my own answer is by taking risk, making mistakes. I’m not the one who believes in magic, in entering the trance state.

But when I read through line by line, suddenly I’m questioning my decision. Suddenly there are several questions flying over my head. How if until the end I fail to meet my soul mate, how long I can hold my suffering to find my soul mate, how do I know that I’ve met my soul mate.

One and half years ago, I had this kind of discussion. The discussion of soul mate, the discussion that made we forgot the sounds of the ocean, the dark of the night. The never ending discussion where there is no conclusion.

What is soul mate ? Someone that know ourselves more than we know ourselves ? or where the feeling is more than a word, where only by the look, by the feeling we instantly know what he/she felt ? or our past life love story, the un-complete love story ? Is there only one soul mate or there are many soul mates ?

I don’t know, I don’t have the answer, even though I always put that word in my posting. I’ve tried hard to find the clue through my life experience reflection, but every time I thought I have got the answer, I found myself questioning the answer again.

A vague answer if I may say so …..

It’s weird, isn’t it ? Someone that we thought before as the ideal person, suddenly when the months pass or years pass become the one that we didn’t understand. Someone that we would like to spend with in our whole life suddenly become someone that we wish to vanish from our life. Someone that we love become someone we hate.

It’s weird, isn’t it ? In the name of love within one night become In the name of hatred. All the beautiful memories that we build suddenly vanished.

Yes, it’s totally weird, it’s totally insane….. until I remembered the book that I read three years ago, written by Dr Brian Weiss about Soul Mates from past lives.

Then I realized that I’ve made my decision, that I will choose to live in pain, to make mistake, to take the risk, to be with the wrong people instead find my soul mate through magic.

Why ?

I haven’t read Brida, but when I read Paulo Coelho’s line by line then I understand that “by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people then finally I find my soul mate”.

Because through all the pain we can accept the purpose of our live, the purpose of our destiny, we learn how to fix the mistake that we have made.

Some people chose to run away from the pain with the hope to find their perfect half, others choose to stay with the pain with the hope that finally the pain will be replace with happiness, whatever the decision they or we made, at the end God will open His Pandora box, and until that moment, we never know whether we have met our soul mate.

So back to Paulo Coelho’s question, the answer may vary, there's no good or bad answer, no right or wrong answer, it depends on someone believes.

I'm human ... only God can judge.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday ......

You - and you alone - are in charge of creating that movie-for-one called your life.
You - and you alone - are not only our own life writer, but life casting agent, director, produces, caterer, everything-er.

if you feel it's too much ENTERPAINMENT and not enough ENTERTAINMENT ...
then it's up to YOU - and YOU alone - to close down the movie set and re-cast and re-shoot ...
and not waste another day shooting scenes that would be better off on the editing room floor

... Life Lesson # 44 in the 7 lively sins book by Karen Salmanshon" .....

So ... what is birthday ?
Here I quote some from Happy Birthday (your poor old wreck) book, edited by Helen Exley, my last year birthday present from my best friend ....

Growing old means that you can be young and then old but you can't grow old and then young. Written by Collin West, age 8.

Some people think when they have those dreaded wrinkles they are old.
That's crazy !
It depends totally on you.
You may not look the smae but if you want you can act twenty years younger.
Written by Cassandra Garner, age 14.

.... Happy Birthday ! ......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work hard or Work Smart

Here’s the picture :

A woman, married with three kids.
She is the type of working hard person and proud of herself because of that title.
Almost everyday she come to her office around 08.30 AM, going home around midnight or the worst thing at 3 AM, and can be at her office at 08.30 AM again.

She’s heading several divisions and because of that, she demands the same philosopy of work hard to her team.

One day, she share her way of life to other groups in her office, and no one in that groups gave a compliment instead they were skeptical with her working hard philosophy.

The worst part was one of the security in the office have to going home around 2.00AM because he had to wait the other team member finished the meeting with her and because of that new habit, he had an accident on his way back home. He hit the buss and had to be hospitalized.

And the woman which is one of her team member had caught by police officer because she drove her car alone around 02.00 AM. The police was suspicious until he saw that the woman is older enough and just went back from her office.

Tragic isn’t it ?

….. I and that “working hard” woman was from the same the company and by fate suddenly we are working in the same group. The difference only the position, she is heading several divisions of several companies in the group.

The previous company that we were come for is one of the most admired companies to work. The company that has been known as the university to other company within their industry.

The company philosophy that I know was we have to work smart instead of work hard, we have to be able to balance our life because we are human, social person and on top of that we have our family. At that time we were not allowed to spend our whole life in the office.

Therefore, listened to her story, it’s hard for me to picture that kind of story. Her proud of her work hard really amazed and scared.

What if she implemented the same way and spread the new philosophy of work hard in her current group ? Well, while in fact, she has done that to her team. I think my daughter will lost her word to express how busy her mother is.

I’m not fan of work hard person instead I still need a room for my daughter, my husband, and myself. I can’t imagine how my daughter’s life if their mom work like hell.

I’m afraid that regret is not enough when I realized the moment was gone, that I can’t replace the “sadness” memory.

I don’t know, maybe its worth to have a life like that, maybe …..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mom and Daughter Relationship

I got this from my oldest daughter post in her blog. Not because I sneak her blog, it is because she forgot to sign out while at the same times, it’s because of my clumsiness when I post my comment to Rob Baiton blog without changed the ID.

I couldn’t tell what I feel when I read several of her statement when she expressed herself but I know one thing, suddenly I feel older than my age.

Here’s her statement that made me laugh, worried and happy :

I really really really REEAAAALLLLYYY want some piercing and some tattoos.
 I wanna learn how to drive a car but my mom doesn’t let me while my dad would love to “teach” me.
 I’m addicted to the internet. If my mom not telling me to stop, the I won’t stop
 I’m not really into branded things.
 I love my sister soooo much much much ! I think nobody knows this

While this statement made me feel guilty and sad :

 My mom is the busiest person ever, but we still keep in good touch

And this statement is the proof of typical parent’s relationship with their children :

 I keep thinking that if men are from mars and women are from venus, than the parents must be from Pluto. Silly thought. I know. Never mind.

Phew … can’t say anything, only feel her love to us and how lucky I’m to have her as my daughter. Even though I’m not always be with her all the time, some of my value of life is with her too.

How Are You A Friend to Yourself ?

It's usually easy to see the ways in which we're friends to others, but sometimes our relationship to ourselves is harder to express.
Do you treat yourself as you would a good friend?
How do you demonstrate this?
(Gaia Community)

How am I being a friend to myself ? Do I treat myself as I will be a good friend ?

Hm ….looking back into my relationship with myself for the past two years, I would say that I don’t treat myself as a good friend.

I value myself as a good friend but in reality I’ve been hard to myself lately. Push myself up to the limit, stretch myself more than before. I don’t put my attention to the small things I’ve always done with myself. I’ve lost my spontaneity with myself.

Remembering the old days when we always admired the morning sun, listen to the voice of morning wind, smile to the leaves, flower and play with the fountain …; or stretch our self together in the morning with our lovely yoga pose ….

Sometimes, we just sat together and listen to our favorite music after enjoyed the cold water from the swimming pool.

And when the times come, we spend our vacation together, far away from the horn of our office stuff.

I miss those old days …

I think I have to give myself a break and try to bring back the old days slowly, otherwise I will loose myself, my best friend in the world.

Time to rejuvenate ….