Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Religion ? .. Do we need that ?

.. However, if we think deeply, religious faith and the concepts of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness are essentially different. According to Buddhism, when a child is born, he or she has no ideology or religious faith. In a way, we can say that at that time the child is free from any ideology or religious faith. But during that time, the child’s appreciation of and need for human affection is very strong. Without parental affection the child cannot survive. However, the child can survive without religious faith …

…Love, compassion and a sense of forgiveness are, I believe, part of human nature. Faith develops later. With faith one can have a happy life, but without a sense of caring, commitment or responsibility, we cannot be happy or successful ...

Live in a Better Way
Dalai Lama

Reading this book really answer my question of faith, religion and human being. I have been asking the same question of the relation between faiths aka religion and the concept of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

By looking into the war in Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestina or even the Bali Bombing and Marriot Bombing in Indonesia, where all the idea of that war is based on faith, I wonder whether the cause of that chaos is the concept of the religion itself or the understanding of the disciple of that religion or the human itself.

For such a long time ago, I believe that religion is not all the basis to become a better person, a person who has the compassion, kindness and forgiveness. All of those three come from within ourselves and that is something that we carry on since we came into this world.

Like Dalai Lama stated in his book “Live in a Better Way”, even an animal have the concept of love even though their understanding is very limited, but at least it shows that to know the concept of love we don’t need a religion.

The concept of love, kindness and forgiveness comes from our parents, who introduce the concept, who grow and give meaning to the concept to us when we were a baby.

If that concept comes from religion, then there will be no war, there will be no fight, there will be no terrorism, none, zero. Religion doesn’t have that such kind of terms.

Therefore, religion itself, for me, is like a brake, a stopper, when the angry, the un-forgiveness, come to the surface to replace all the good things of our selves. It depends on us, whether we would like to use the brake or we just run through it.

As Dalai Lama stated in his book, faith or religion, is an addition for us, a human being, to have a happy life, because we let ourselves be friends with us, because we let ourselves enrich our inner self through our compassionate things to others.

So, in that case, do we need religion ?

Well, in my case, I still need God, because I’ve met Him several times through His mystifying way and I need religion as my vehicle to meet my creator.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Circle of the Past

It’s been quite a long time since my last posting. I just felt that I can’t write even though I have a lot of things that I want to put it into words. It seems that it is easier to up date my facebook status instead of share my thought through writing.

During my hiatus period, something strange happened to me, God suddenly sent my old friends from the past to reach me, through His mystifying way, that remind me of my past dream.

So, in my hiatus period, I read a lot of book, I watched people through different lens; I studied everyday life with different angle, and put all of it into words.

I’m not finish yet, but finally I have started it and this time I have made my choice, I won’t let it go, I won’t burry it, I want to rekindle my dream. I want to give a meaning to myself, to my own life. So, one day, when I have a chance to look back at my world, I will remember it with smile.

Long time a go when I was in college, I was dreaming to be a journalist and at that time I became a stringer journalist. As I’ve stated several times, I think that period was the best time of my career at the corporation world.

So, when I have to make a choice to bury and forgotten my dream to be a journalist based on a silly reason, a reason that I also never regret it – since it was my choice – I’ve decided that someday I’ve to find my way back to my dream.

In reality, I’ve never forgotten my dream; I always bring back the memory of that beautiful dream to the surface.

Therefore, when out of nowhere God told me “Here, I show you the way” suddenly my circle of the past came and embrace me.

Circle of the Past, where years ago, I used to live. Circle of the Past, where words are my life. Circle of the Past where the imagination, the black and white color is my friends. Circle of the Past when every single moment has their own story.

Well, I’m still working to make my dream come true, but I think I’m on the right track, back to the old time, where words, people’s faces, culture, life, are my friends.