Friday, May 25, 2007

Emotional Attachment

I cannot close my eyes and sail to my dream world. Something is bothering my mind....

I just ended my discussion with my friend of the differentiation between “an affair and emotional attachment”.

According to my friend, emotional attachment is slightly different with affair. Emotional attachment does not have physical contact while an affair has it.

For me, emotional attachment is a start up of an affair. Because by letting the emotional attachment in a relationship, mean that you have given a part of yourself to the other person.

It cannot be an affair, if the person who has that feeling, knows how to keep their relationship within the borderline. And the only way to keep that relationship within the border is by adding a name into it, which called as “true friend”.

Yes, for sure it is a “true friend”. A friend where we can run to share our sadness and happiness. A friend where we can share anything without worrying that our statement will let them down. A friend who knows better of ourselves, just by listening to our voice or just by looking into our face.

I have ones before … but for some reason I lost it …. and it feels hurt.

So .. here it is, my song for today ... For The First Time - Rod Stewart

Are those your eyes
Is that your smile
I’ve been looking at you forever
Yet I never saw you before

Are these your hands
Holding mine
Now I wonder how I could have been so blind

For the first time
I am looking in your eyes
For the first time
I’m seeing who you are
Can’t believe how much I see
When you’re looking back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time

Can this be real
Can this be true
Am I the person I was this morning
And are you the same you

It’s all so strange
How can it be
And all along this love
Was right in front of me

For the first time
I am looking in your eyes
For the first time
I’m seeing who you are
Can’t believe how much I see
When you’re looking back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time

Such a long time ago
I had given up on finding
This emotion ever again
But you’re here with me now
Yes I’ve found you some how
And I’ve never been so sure

For the first time
I am looking in your eyes

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Andari's Mother's Day Card

I wish to sing a duet with Mom only …

Mom, just want you to know, that you are my mom who love me forever,
If you die, you will always love me,
Maybe you sad if my test got bad, but you still love me
Maybe you so sad when I sick, like now !
But, I just want you to know that .. I love you so much
Thank you for everything you did when I was sik
Thank you because you love me forever …
I love you MOM ..
I will always love you …

Happy Mother’s Day ….

And this is the song

Surga di Telapak Kakimu
By Gita Gutawa

Ku nyanyikan sebuah lagu untukmu Ibu
Sebagai wujud terima kasihku kepadamu
Tanpa lelah kau berjuang membesarkanku
Berikan yang terbaik untukku

Izinkanlah tanganmu ku cium
Dan ku bersujud di pangkuanmu
Temukan kedamaian di hangat pelukmu
Di dalam hatiku yakin serta percaya pada kekuatan doa
Yang engkau titipkan lewat Tuhan
Membuat semangat bila diriku rapuh dan tak berdaya

Ada surga di telapak kakimu
Betapa besar arti dirimu
Buka pintu maafmu
Saat ku lukai hatimu

Ada surga di telapak kakimu
Lambangkan mulianya dirimu
Hanya lewat restumu terbuka
Pintu untukku ke surga

Kasih sayangmu tulus, kau cahaya di hidupku …

This should be posted on 12 May 2007, but for some reason I could not posted it…
So here it is, Mother’s Mom Card from my lovely daughter Andari …

I was watching 1st season of Prison Break, when she dropped her own made mother’s mom card with a plastic red roses ….

I completely forgot about Mother’s Day things … since she was sick at that time and I was so worried if she got dengue fever ..
So … let me share her own made card with a copy of Indonesian song ….

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Choices - Spiderman 3

Directed by Sam Raimi ; Screenplay by Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Alvin Sargent
Photographed by Bill Pope; edited by Bob Murawski ; ; Music by Christopher Young and Danny Elfman ; Production Design by Neil Spisak and J. Michael Riva
Produced by Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad and Grant Curtis

Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker
Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson
Peter Parker as Tobey Maguire
James Franco as Harry Osborn
Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko
Topher Grace as Eddie Brock
Rosemary Harris as Aunt May


Despite the intense action of my childhood hero; in my grown-up age I watch this movie in different angle. I learned two beautiful things in this movie, about a “revenge” and “choices”.

The meaning of those two words is not new; there is a lot of discussion about the impact of revenge and choices, but seeing that two words in the intense action movie, really could make me feel it differently.

All of us always have a choice to keep the revenge in our-self, to have a choice to be a bad or good person. Whatever the choice we made, at the end it always ourselves who will suffer or get the benefit.

Harry Osborn at the end made his last choices to be a good person, Flint at the end regret his choice not to follow Spiderman’s uncle advice which made he lost his opportunity to see his lovely daughter.

Spiderman …. He got his own lesson from his last battle ….

Happy ending ? Yes … hero always wins, but it’s always sad to loose someone that closes to us.