Thursday, March 13, 2014

A letter to myself

Dear myself,

It is good to see you finally could make peace with yourself, by accepting the fact that you could not live with the past that you need to give yourself a chance to open yourself to embrace the happiness.

I know that you are still afraid if somebody open their selves to you, if somebody send the signal that they want to know you more. It is okay to still have those kind of feeling, it is part of the healing.

But please trust me, not all people out there is a bad person, there are still a lot of sincere people. You just need to open yourself, by letting them to know you.

Myself, you have the right to enjoy your life, you still have the right to be happy, still have the right to get the affection of the person who really loves you. Thus, do not close your door yet, let it open, until one day you have to close it.

At peace with yourself does not mean dismissed the opportunity given to you. At peace with yourself means let the real you come to the surface.

So myself, do not give up, ask God’s help to guide you. Wish one day, I could see your lovely smile and laugh again.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Genie's lamp - 3 Wishes

Underneath your blackest emotions,
Far above your brightest wishes,
Stands a world for you to hold.

by Samael - Goodreads

‘If you found a magic lamp what 3 wishes would you ask theGenie for? What would each mean to you? No wishing for extra wishes.’

If God gave me those kind of magic lamp, what am going to ask for? Certainly, I am going to ask for happiness, wealth and health. But how do I have to translate these three words into reality?

Nothing is more joyful than to see my two daughters succeed in their life.  They were my world, the purpose of my life in these world.  Will ask nothing only succeed and happiness for my two lovely daughters.

The second wishes is Health. If God will grant me His beautiful love, I will ask Him that when the time comes, I want to die peacefully without having to go through a prolonged illness. Only that simple request, nothing more.

And the last one is Wealth. There are no words that can describe the criteria of riches. Every human being has their own definition of wealth. Well, I don’t ask to become a millionaire, I just ask God to give me the capability to finance myself and my two beautiful daughters.

A wishes without extra wishes …..

What Animal Were You In a Past Life ?

You Were a Peacock

You carry yourself with beauty, dignity, and confidence.
You are able to see the past, present, and future with clarity.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Journey Start Here

Life is full of new beginning 
Everyday is a new day
There is no rewind button nor repeat button

Seize the day, enjoy till the last drop

Some time ago, when I was at Aksara Book Store - Plaza Indonesia,  I found an interesting book  to write a line or two lines, everyday for 365 days.

A book that reminds me to get back to my passion - writing. The passion which in the past is the purpose of my life, the passion that for some reason need to be left behind.

And the passion that finally let me write a blog several years ago, a blog that for some reason, need to be abandon for a while.

So, this is it, this is the time to start my own nutshell like before, a place where I can share my thought, a place where I can leave my trail.

Thank you so much for my BFF dearest sister, Fransiska Orris-Beding, who introduced me to this beautiful blog - AYear To Inspire - that inspired me to write again.