Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Meaning of Word

Have we ever thought how powerful the meaning of a word ? I bet, we have. But have we ever thought that it can be meaningless ? I bet, we haven’t.

In the dictionary world, every word has a meaning. Whilst in the real world, not every word has a meaning. Some of the word is meaningless, especially when that word is just a noun. But for some word when it is an adjective, the meaning is beyond our imagination.

For example if you read or hear somebody says “beautiful or pretty”, I bet the meaning were stronger compare to “door or window”.

A door or a window, it is just a door; yes it can be stronger when you add another word. But still, a door is still a door; a window is still a window. The imagination, the feeling that you have when you read or hear that word is nothing.

Compare to beautiful or pretty or handsome, the imagination, the feeling that you have will go somewhere else, dig deep into your memory, and bring your pain or lovely memory of that word to the surface.

But even though we know how strong the meaning of some word is, we tend to forget to use it in the right way, or with the right tone or to whom we should addressing that word. Especially when our ego is stronger than our mind, intentionally we use the word that we know that it will hurt somebody. And we conceal that “intentionally” with several reasons just to make our self in the right side.

Yesterday, I watched my Criminal Minds DVD’s series, and one of the movie was about a wife killed her husband, just because her husband
Psychological abuse her by using the word that he knew will hurt his wife and finally make his wife lost her trust to herself.

How often that we intentionally use the word that we know that it will hurt somebody ? Well, maybe it is countless since we always tell ourselves that it is unintentionally while the reality is intentionally.

How often that we realize that we have hurt our children, our partner, our husband or wife, our love one, because of our “unintentionally” word ? How often we realize that we have sliced that person slowly ?

I bet, we never realize, because our ego was bigger than our mind