Monday, February 19, 2007

Somebody says ......

It was nearly dawn when suddenly, out of the blue, my friend asked me these question, “Do you still remember the day when your husband proposed you.”

I was stunned for a while, never imagined that such of question would come up in the middle of our conversation.

I tried to recall that moment, the moment that changed my whole life, but failed. The only pictured that came afterward was my wedding day, the day when I said yes to my pastor, the day when I kneel down to my parents asked their blessing, the day when I saw my best friend cried for my happiness.

I was speechless that day. I just said that no one remember that moment, because the most important things in marriage life is not how we remember that day, but how we dealt with the misunderstanding, the problem that came along our marriage life. The small things that could be a weigh down on marriage life.

…… I almost forgotten that question, when suddenly near Valentine’s Day, that question raised again. This time was not a question to kill the time but a bet.

So, since I was eager to won the bet, I spread out that question to all of my friends.

Amazingly, almost 99 % of my friends did not remember that day; besides that their first reaction was the same, stunned.

Well, I do not know their marriage life, but some of them, I know. We shared our up and down of our marriage life, sometimes we cried together, but as far as I know, they always try their best to lighten their marriage life, to keep their marriage life as the first time they spelled their vows.

My friend, who has caused the stir, has his own theory of people who remember that day. According to him, people who never forgotten the precious moment of their life will try as much as they can to prevent their marriage life from failure.

… Now, in my nutshell time, I have to admit that his question is still a valid question, that his theory is still a valid theory, of how we value that moment into our relationship.

…… I may forgotten that day, the day when marriage was like in romance book, the day when I thought that love will never fade away, that love will stay the same. Yes, I may forgotten that day but one thing that I know for sure, when I came home and looked into my two daughter’s sparkling eyes, when I hug them, when I whisper “I love you” before they sail into their dreams, was the most important things that prevent me from the saturation point of marriage life.

Do you still remember the day when your marriage life at the edge of the ravine ? Do you still remember the day when you were trying to save your marriage life, to keep your marriage life alive ? For sure, the answer was “Do you remember the day when your spouse propose you ?”