Friday, January 23, 2009

Seeing The Unseen - part 2

It’s raining outside her car window.
Suddenly she spotted the place where they spend most of their time
Doing nothing, just exchange news, sharing stories, or remembering the days that has been gone by

She remembered their last evening
A cup of peppermint tea accompanied them and a book

If she knew that it was their last day
If she knew ….

She hasn’t said her Good Bye …
She hasn’t had the chance to say how much their friendship meant for her ..

She only wishes that someday finally she would be able to say “I Guess this is Goodbye”

I Guess This Is Goodbye - Eric Benet

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Future Lives .... ?

My first acquaintance with past lives started 3 years ago, when my colleague lent me Dr Brian Weiss book “Messages from The Masters”. I was so attached with the idea of past lives connection with our current live. Especially after I read “Only Love Is Real”, the idea of soul mate from the past really haunted me.

Start from that day, I believe the incarnation concept even though it’s against the value of my religion, Catholic. I believe that if I choose to live in this world, I have to pay what I have done wrong in my past lives, until finally I become a new person, no debt that I have to pay.

In his previous book, Dr Brian Weiss use the past lives progression therapy to help patients cure their physical or emotional wounds in their present lives.

Whilst in his current book, Same Soul Many Bodies, he has not only regressed his patients into the past; but also progressed them into the future. In this book, he has discovered that our futures are variable – the choice we make now will determine the quality of our life when we return.

When I read half of these book, am questioning myself, of how do we make the choice since not all of us even have the chance to know our past lives. What we know is Today not Before not even Tomorrow.

But when I have finished the book, then I do understand the main point of the choice we have to make.

In life, in our relationship with our colleague, our husband/wife, our parents, we have to deal with the anger, health, empathy, compassion, patience, understanding, and on top of all that is love; whilst all the decision that we made in those relationship at the end, re-shape our future lives.

In this book, we learn that through the experience of future lives progressed, we can learn that actually, each alternative has connection with our current decision.

Well, we know that we can’t define our future, no one knows, since it is God’s territory, for some people, the reincarnation is beyond their understanding.

But for me, future doesn’t always mean with reincarnation. Future is our tomorrow, the days when we getting older, if God gave His permission to us to live. Our current decision re-shapes our tomorrow, our next month, our next year ..

So, worth it or not to read this book ? Its worth to buy and read, since it will bring you to the journey of knowing yourself …

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My 2009 Resolution

Today is the 3rd day of a new beginning of 2009 and for the first time in my life, finally I decided my 2009 resolution.

Maybe because am getting older, or maybe because there are so many things happened in last couple weeks.

Whatever the reason – and I don’t want to find out what is the reason – I feel relief, that finally I have something which is not under “material” things.

So here is my 2009 resolution:

I’m the fans of procrastination as long as I can remember. I always find a reason to live with procrastination, until I watched Oprah’s show where Peter Walsh gave his advice of how to clean up “messy room”.

Then suddenly I remember my Things to Do List that listed in my “List of Best” which until end of 2008 still there in the “pending” item list, because of the procrastination effect.

Start today, I’ve followed Peter Walsh advice by creating my daily, weekly and monthly plan; hopefully by end of 2009 my 2007 and 2008 pending list will decrease together with the completeness of my 2009 list.

Same like procrastination, I am struggling with my “gross” a.k.a. my flabby tummy for almost a year and failed every time.

I’ve million reason of “gaining my gross” as much as my reason of not coming to gym. I paid a lot for my gym membership and also for personal trainer, but like my reason of procrastination, I also have my other reason of postponed my exercise.

So what is my 2009 goal for my beloved “gross”?

Well, this time, my main goal is back to my old habit, my yoga practice, my morning walk and run, and my gym. With the second goal is back to my favorite weight, 47 kg.

OMG, I just realized that even my 3rd resolution also have a connection with procrastination.

There are a lot of un-finished book, bracelet, necklace and crochet in my Pandora box, which are waiting for me to play with them.

Don’t ask me how all of that things end up in my Pandora box, since I always find a reason to put the things in to my Pandora box. Especially when the distraction was so intense, the distraction of the new beautiful things.

Therefore, today, I told myself, to not easily fall in love with new beautiful things. Like Peter Walsh’s statement in Oprah’s show, that before I buy the new one, I have to take out the old one from my Pandora box.

As Paulo Coelho’s written in Alchemist :

When you want something,
The whole Universe conspire
To help you realize your desire

This time, I believe that Universe will help me …