Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Are You ?

Lately the above question is not just a question; it’s more like a secret story of life which has been revealed by the world. Whilst the answer also not just an answer; it’s a reflection of somebody’s hope to embrace the latest economic situation.

Several days ago one of my friends asked me that question and for the first time in my life, it is so difficult for me to answer that question. Not because I don’t want to answer that question, but it’s because I don’t know how to answer that simple question.

How should I answer that ? Should I answer that I’m doing fine, that the business is tougher now ? Or Should I answer that everything is not as my expectation ? Or Should I answer that I’m in the middle of preparing myself to the worst possibility of the company’s latest situation ? Or Should I answer that I’m still lucky that I still have a job ?

It’s been a month I have to sing the same song to my team, give them the courage, give them the real picture of the industry, whilst deep down myself, I’m questioning the story that I sang for them.

It’s been more than a month after I realized that my dream had vanished. It’s been more than a month I tried to encourage myself that when the time’s come I’m ready.

So, how am I ?

Well, business is not as what expected. We have to rebuild it, start it from zero. For the time being I still have a job even though with the latest situation it’s hard to be firm.

So, how am I ?

I still have the spirit to build my dream, to start from zero. I still have what we’ve known as HOPE.

So how are you ?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jamal : I knew you’d be watching
Latika : I thought we would meet only in death
Jamal : This is our destiny

.. Slumdog Millionaire Quotation ..

Destiny ?

So it means that no matter how hard we tried, no matter how hard we learned, no matter how hard we worked, if our Destiny which had written in our hand is not what we dreamed for, and then we will not have it ?

Watching Slumdog Millionaire made me realized that every single path of our life is worth. We never know when that part of our life will bring that ‘luck’ to our dream, until that ‘luck’ land in our plate.

Watching Slumdog Millionaire made me realized that Destiny always start with IF.

Jamal’s would not be a millionaire, if he didn’t live in that slum area, if he didn’t live in that beggar world, if he didn’t get caught steal the food and dump off at Taj Mahal, if he didn’t meet his blind childhood friend, if he didn’t work at call center, if he didn’t replace the call center staff, and many others IF …

Are there a lot of Jamal’s in this world ? Unfortunately there are a lot of Jamal’s in this world, in different shape. Even we are “Jamal” in our own world.

So what is Destiny anyway ? Why people always said it’s our Destiny ? Because what we’ve dreamed for finally there ?

What about if what we’ve dreamed for are still a dream ? A Destiny also ?

For me, Destiny is the answer of what we’ve done along the way we live in this world. The Destiny itself starts when God created “us” in our mother’s womb. Start on that day, then IF come to our world.

Destiny is our own free will which God had given to us together with the voice of angel and evil, “the conscience”.

Every single path in our life is a Destiny.

Jamal’s destiny is his free will together with his conscience. Our destiny is our free will together with our conscience.