Friday, March 31, 2006

The Eye

I was playing with my flicker blog when I’m browsing several tag.

It was amazing !!!! awesome !!!

I envy them who can picture a beautiful moment with their heart, their eyes.

Sometimes I just put that moment into my imaginary angle, I never get the courage to take that moment.

From now…I’ll try to capture that moment…using my “eyes”.

Anyway..thank you for the technology …


, originally uploaded by blank space.

Lucky that they didn't die..was the 1st comment when I saw this picture.

I envy him because he can capture the things that I didn't see or maybe I refused to see.

I loved his "eyes"

Thursday, March 30, 2006


by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Actually, I will say it is a little bit boring. The story was good with a sad ending, but the way the director put that into a sceene was excessively long and trivial.

You have to be relax to watch this movie. Don’t watch that for just an entertainment…

Maybe because I watched it just to kill my time….

Why I recommend "Parineeta"

by A Bhim Singh

Actually, this is a classic love story,

About two people who finally realized that they were fall in love.
About how a friendship turn into a lover.
About the devotion, about the barier.
About the happiness.

Sometimes, in life, we never realized the treasure of a friendship until we lost that person.

Sometimes, in life, we never realized that the person who can received us as we are, actually is the person who always there for us.

...I don’t know how many of you have encounter that kind of love, a love like Parineeta has….

But one thing that I know…that friendship is something that I adore in my live…

Something that Parineeta keep in her life… ; for sure it is worth to consume.

Why I recommend "Sanctuary"

by Simon Webbe

Need something that can boost your feeling to do something that you really like ? or just to accompany you in your relaxing time ?

Play this Sanctuary by Simon Webbe, and your fantasy, your mood, will go along with his music.

How "Only Love Is Real : A Story of Soulmates Reunited" changed my life

by Brian Weiss

When my friend lend me a book of past life experience, I read it like I read a boring novel.

Until one day, during my visit to Singapore and stuck at my favourite book store, Kinokuniya, I found this book.

My intention at that time was to find a psychology book which has been recommended during my Leadership workshop. But … out of blue, suddenly I stuck at the section where this book located. I was stunned with the title…and suddenly, not within a second, this book already in my hand.

I never finish read a non fiction book, I always read it half then change it to another book.

But not this time, not for this book. I can’t stop.

The experience of Dr Brian Weiss in helping his patient find the soul mate from the past, was so astounding.

From that day…I do believe that ‘reincarnation’ is not just a “wishi-washi”, it is exist.

From that day … the way I see the world changed. I do believe that the unfinished task that I’ve been done here in my current life, will be done at my next life.

From that day … I do believe someday when I have to move to another life, I never left my beloved one.

From that day … I do believe that somebody who completely a stranger, and suddenly within a second not just a stranger anymore when we start the conversation, actually was someone that we know from the past, someone closer.

I don’t ask you to adopt my thinking about past life…but this book is worth to consume.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why I recommend "Another Love, Another Sky"

by Aruna Jethwani - go to

If you are a fans of a romance novel…you have to read this book. I read it more than 3 times. It’s about loses of the one that we love and how finally we can embrace a new love without feeling guilty to the one that has gone.

The word that Aruna Jethwani put in her book was so touchy…

This is my 1st Indian author book and I feel so attached.

Here…I quote 2 lines of the Farewel poem in this book :

.....What I gave you, shall be yours forever I shall not take it back …..

C'est la vie...

I never made it happen, I always put my French lesson at the bottom of my priority list.

1st when am in college, actually I’ve been in the 2 university, to learn French language and Journalism. Then since I have to choose, I choosed my Journalism..and told my self, I can enroll to French course at Centre Cultural Francais.

The result…too many task to do ..(is it an excuse …:))

2nd, just happenned last year…enroll to a French Course..and as usual, find another excuses again.

Now…I think it’s enough being a person who never committed to what she wants to do.

This time…I will enroll to my French course again in July, after finishing my English course…

Let’s see…..

The Answer

Some of my friends always give their funny faces when I told them about what am doing in that “Answer Yahoo”.

They thought that it is a waste…answering the “nonsense” question, while actually it is not like that.

I found my self valuable by answering the questions that bothering the people who post their question. I also learn something from people who answered the question.

So..instead of wasting my time chatting with “un beliavable” person, it’s better to open my answer yahoo, everyday and asnwer the question at least once.

Do you want to try it ? Try it…it’s worth to do that…

A story about the last time I consumed "Converging Paths: Lessons of Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding from East and West"

by Susan Santucci

I put this book on my desk, next to my bed.

I read this when I feel a lil bit depressed or when I need a “wise” advice inspiration from God – Budha – Gita till a well known called “tradition”.

I always want to move this book to my library bookcase…but up to now..that book is always there, my desk.

..Converging Paths…

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Friendship...means affection, closeness, harmony, intimacy, love, ...can find a bunch at thesaurus.

Sometimes we forgot that in "the beautiful meaning relationship" , person that we love has to be on their own, person that we love is not owned by the partner (me). Yeah..sometimes we forgot the baseline of friendship when all that kind of jealoussy came a cross our mind.

I never want to be owned by my partner and vice versa I don't want my partner stop to seeing his friend ... just because I don't like it.

It is so sad if person that we trust misinterpreted our word, our writing .. just because of that "jealousy".

It is so sad also..if we have to loose our friend just because of that.

It happenned to me just now ... I was felt so angry, so upset, so sad that I has to loose my friend ...

But then I think maybe that is the good thing ... it is good in terms that I don't have to hurt somebody because of my thinking...because of my word...because of something that I felt...

.... Good Morning...and thanks for "something I love"...

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Harbour

I still can picture it in my mind, ....late at night, just sit through my hotel window…capture the bussiest of the harbour, the horn of a ship who wake me up every morning…, beautiful light which pass by my room….such a romantic scenery.

How should I describe the city, their MTR, their woman’s market, men’s market, snake soup, the ceremony entering the winter season, the food…

It’s unimaginable…, find something cheaper but good least I found a good leather shoes which lasting till now.

The adventure of Men’s and Woman’s market are WOW.
The funny story of both of us, me and my friend, we lost each other in the crowd of men’s market…, the adventure of local food where the cook can’t speak English, how we communicated through calculator.

See the fake snow there….at least near christmas, so it’s worth take a picture in front of “Fake Snow Shower”.

The scarry story when a drunk man thought that I’m the hotel’s employee…when I just went back from my adventure trip with my friend late at night.

The usual…business trip … only enjoy the city when it is dark.

I’ll go back…and do the holiday adventure this time.

Next Exhibition

Doing business in exporting handicraft is not like starting a shop.

I have to go out my country to introduce my “new beautiful” company and it means I have to participate in Trade Exhibition.

My next trade exhibition will take place sometimes in August or at the latest in October.

Means that I have to be ready for the stuff that I want to exhibit…

Am still searching the 2007 trend…hopefully next month I can go to my artisan in Cirebon, Jogja, Surabaya and Bali to discuss my sample.

Kinokuniya - Orchad Road

How many times I’ve been in Singapore…?

Hm…I’ve been there in 2001 for a week, on the job training. 2005 and 2006….just recently.

The rest…was a transit at Changi Airport, the airport that I adore, where during my trip to other country I always wish that the transit city is Singapore.

What I remember most…the MRT, the cleanness, walking around Orchard Road, Expo, the Food, Clark Quay, China town, Bee Cheng Hiang, Little India, the school, and most of all my beloved book store, Kinokuniya and Borders.

Stayed there for 1 week, alone, was not a boring time. I never regret that day…finish my work at Marine Parade or Changi Area, back to my hotel which located in Orchard…take a shower..then walk to my beloved places, Borders.

Browsing the book, take a cup of coffee, watching people pass by, then…ate my aunt annie’s on the way back to the hotel…

Sometimes ..check the latest fashion at Takashimaya..but always end up at Kinokuniya.

My trip to Singapore is always a business trip. But even though it is a business trip I always love my trip to the city that I feel connected.

It seems that I’ve born there…

Recently, I didn’t stay at the hotel, I stayed at the appartement at St Thomas Walk..,

It’s a new adventure for me, looking through my kitchen window every morning, how people prepare their breakfast, or hang in their clothes…

Seeing an Indonesian worker took the dog for a walk…, seeing a bus school pick up the student…

I promised to myself that my next trip, I will go to every corner that I only read through the tourist guide, find my new experience of that city.

Is it hot there ? Absolutely….but it is worth to visit.

Lalita - Web page

When I start my handicraft business, I know that I have to create a web for my things. It’s part of the marketing strategy of introducing my own company.

I try to enroll to a webdesign course, but it takes 6 months and I don’t think I can’t wait for that long.

So, I decided to learn and create by my own.

Hopefully, I can finish it within 2 months…and show that to all of you


October 2003.. The night of 1st Bali Bombing…I never ever forget that date. That was my last day in Manila after almost a week spend my day at the workshop.

I remembered..I went to their book store, spend almost 3 hours there, browsing the book before choosed several books to buy.

I was fascinated with the church which located near my hotel. Fascinated with the price of their book, fascinated with guard carrying gun..everywhere at their mall.

Fascinated with the lecturer I’ve got from the Asian Institute Management Professor of customer behaviour.

The city itself…the crowded of their traditional transportation, their traditional dress which I have since I was a teenager…made me feel at home.

Not much I can say about this city, only the memories of my workshop…, the picture of our recreation night at mini golf area…, the picture of their hospitality..

And most of all…the kindness I’ve got from my colleagues, which still live in my memories.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My year in review

I just changed my life. It’s been 3 months now.

After working in financial institution for almost than 12 years..then I decided to become an entrepreneur.

It’s not an easy things..I’m still strugling with myself, asking whether this is a good thing, whether this is the best choice.

Looking back to 3 months ago, I can see how my life’s changed dramatically. Don’t have to run for a meeting to another meeting. No coaching session. No vendor’s deal. No complaint handling to be solved. No system problem to be discuss. No big project to be done.

My life is more softer now. Still travel to other cities in Indonesia, still meet new people…but with the different topic.

I’m more patient then before.., more humble then before…..

Wow…can’t say more.

So, if you asked me, do I miss my office ? I will said definitely that I don’t miss my office but I do miss my friends, my staff.

I miss the way they tease me, the way we are arguing, the way of creating a new system…

But this is my choice…as my friend said to me “Hang on for a while, you can get a job anytime, this is your chance to be a business woman”..

Wish I still get the courage to move on..


People says that I’m blind when I’m giving my judgement about India.

Yes…at certain level, I’m blind. I didn’t see the bad things about India, the bad things about the “stereo type” of Indian people.

I closed my eyes and “open” it only for the good things, something that I want to remember with lovely memories.

Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb, Hyderabad, Birla’s Mandir Temple in Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid, Agra, Pragati Maidan, Janpat, Qutab Minar, India Gate, Agra Red Forth….

Sari, Krishna Pearl, Colorfull of the bangles, necklace, earings, The food…

The old car, the old bus, the crow, bajaj…

Being there as a visitor of their Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair, really open my eyes about that country.

The country that I read from the book of Sr Theresa, the country that I heard from my friends…

I promise to myself that I will go back again…

It’s lovely…and if you ask me what is the most thing I remember about India….I will say…the colorfull of their handicraft, their sari.., their Hinduism.

Petronas - The Mines

It’s been a loooong time ago. Can’t say much about Kuala Lumpur. Only the book store, Petronas, The mines and the well known shopping mall.

But I can say a lot of Penang. It’s so lovely. Amazing the sun still shinning up to 7 pm and the white beach…

Become the Indonesian people who can speaks Malay…really helps me in bargaining at the night market.

The memory that I remembered only the food and the night market with my friends from other Asian country.

I don’t know whether I have a chance to visit KL or even Penang again..; I just know that my last visit only at the airport…before going to other places.

Wish I have a chance to go to Langkawi…


I’m visiting this country, 2 years ago. Can’t do much. Stuck in the meeting room for almost a week. The hotel location is near the river, Marriot Hotel. It’s WOW

Everytime we have to take a boat..and sky train to the tourist area.

Even though that I don’t have a chance to see all that beautiful things about Bangkok, that city always lives in my heart…;

I met a lot of new people there who end up as my best friend. We still keep in touch up to now.

Some of the people I met there already left the company…and so am I. But the memory about the days that we spent together ..never fade away.

We have a beautiful time there..and we know that we can’t have it back.

I certainly will go back there and go the Chiang May, the place that I wants to visit.