Friday, January 23, 2009

Seeing The Unseen - part 2

It’s raining outside her car window.
Suddenly she spotted the place where they spend most of their time
Doing nothing, just exchange news, sharing stories, or remembering the days that has been gone by

She remembered their last evening
A cup of peppermint tea accompanied them and a book

If she knew that it was their last day
If she knew ….

She hasn’t said her Good Bye …
She hasn’t had the chance to say how much their friendship meant for her ..

She only wishes that someday finally she would be able to say “I Guess this is Goodbye”

I Guess This Is Goodbye - Eric Benet


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boy said...

gw pikir mengenai hantu

tere616 said...

Hapi : Thank you for visiting my blog.

boy : LOL, hantu masa lalu

tere616 said...
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