Sunday, January 18, 2009

Future Lives .... ?

My first acquaintance with past lives started 3 years ago, when my colleague lent me Dr Brian Weiss book “Messages from The Masters”. I was so attached with the idea of past lives connection with our current live. Especially after I read “Only Love Is Real”, the idea of soul mate from the past really haunted me.

Start from that day, I believe the incarnation concept even though it’s against the value of my religion, Catholic. I believe that if I choose to live in this world, I have to pay what I have done wrong in my past lives, until finally I become a new person, no debt that I have to pay.

In his previous book, Dr Brian Weiss use the past lives progression therapy to help patients cure their physical or emotional wounds in their present lives.

Whilst in his current book, Same Soul Many Bodies, he has not only regressed his patients into the past; but also progressed them into the future. In this book, he has discovered that our futures are variable – the choice we make now will determine the quality of our life when we return.

When I read half of these book, am questioning myself, of how do we make the choice since not all of us even have the chance to know our past lives. What we know is Today not Before not even Tomorrow.

But when I have finished the book, then I do understand the main point of the choice we have to make.

In life, in our relationship with our colleague, our husband/wife, our parents, we have to deal with the anger, health, empathy, compassion, patience, understanding, and on top of all that is love; whilst all the decision that we made in those relationship at the end, re-shape our future lives.

In this book, we learn that through the experience of future lives progressed, we can learn that actually, each alternative has connection with our current decision.

Well, we know that we can’t define our future, no one knows, since it is God’s territory, for some people, the reincarnation is beyond their understanding.

But for me, future doesn’t always mean with reincarnation. Future is our tomorrow, the days when we getting older, if God gave His permission to us to live. Our current decision re-shapes our tomorrow, our next month, our next year ..

So, worth it or not to read this book ? Its worth to buy and read, since it will bring you to the journey of knowing yourself …


boy said...

what about "live your life today like you're going to die tomorrow"?

Anonymous said...

'ta... I'm struggling with the concept of carnation/reincarnation. Not because I'm religious, but it's just too absurd for me. Maybe I should try to read this book to see a different point of view. What kind of doctor is the writer anyway?
On a lighter note, my husband does believe in 'previous life'. He's atheist.

tere616 said...

boy : That's the concept of future life, isn't it ?

accordingtod : previously me too. Well, maybe it's wrong, since there's no such concept in Catholic.
Dr Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist, lives and practices in Miami, Fl.
former chairman of psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre.
He wrote his 1st book based on his experience as a psychiatrist.
Pst .. am still strugling with the progressing of future lives :-)