Sunday, April 19, 2009

Remembering The Old Days

I was capturing my old friends from the view winder of my camera, when suddenly I realized that how we missed our old days, when world were so colorful, when future were so real, when our romance will be last forever and our friendship will be last forever.

There are several friends that we haven’t met for almost 18 years, some of them we haven’t met for almost 5 years, where the rest we still see each other at least once a year and some of it is our best friend – our life time friends.

I still can picture their old faces but not their new faces. But even though years have taken away our “young and fresh look”, and put the wrinkles, the flabby tummy, the fat to our look, they can’t take away our memories of our youth.

There was a time when we were so mad at our Nun, the Head Master, especially since we, who gather together were her lovely student. Not because we were so nice but because almost each of us was in her “punishment” list because of our “youth energy”.

That time and years after that we still remember her with our “madness memory”, until today when we heard that she were suffer of brain cancer, then we realized that we’ve become what we’ve now is because of our “Discipline Nun”.

Our Head Master, Sr. Clarentia, she knew every single details of what we did, our lover, our friends, everything. Until now, I’m still anxious to find out how she collected all the information.

Looking my old friends through the camera lens bring back all the old memories. We were from different class and united by our “naughtiness, romance, and brothers/sisters” and until today even though the romance is not there, we still bring back our friendship in our loving memory.

Have we changed ? Yes .. For sure and what makes me proud that each of us can change the label of “naughty student” to “better person”. No one can believe that one of our friends who is in the wicked student in the world, now is actively shown his care to Indonesian island, be in that expedition and wrote the book. One of the other “wicked student in the world” have become a succeed entrepreneur.

That day, we cherished our moment, open the old album, seeing the old faces, tried to remember names and compared them with their today’s look, missed our friends who lives far away from us, sharing our old romance stories, stories of our teacher, all the punishment we got from our teacher and headmaster, every things and still 1 day is not enough to cater all the memories we have in senior high.

Me ? I’m happy. I met her, my sister. She is my senior when I entered senior high. I once was part of her gang and for me she’s the only one who’s humble and sincere. We haven’t seen each other after she graduated and moved to Bandung, where she pursues her wishes at ITB.

Well….time flies so fast, we were not young anymore but that day brings back the youthful to us, that day brings back our old times to us.

We know we may not see each other often, but for sure we know that the memories of our old times live in our heart.


Ivy said...

Juiiin...i love your writing :) And this entry goes well with the song coz it really helps in bringing the atmosphere.

boy said...

pantesan di facebook lo koq foto jadulnya banyak banget :))

Anonymous said...

20++ years? must be junior high reunion?

tere616 said...

Ivy : Thank you so much blogger buddy :-)

Boy : Hehehehe, soalnya ada yang kehilangan foto jadul, jadi minta di post di FB

Accordingtod : LOL, Not junior high Din, but senior high .. :-) hehehe...salah kutip tahunnya :-D