Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another One Day in My Life

Defeat exists, but not suffering.
A true warrior knows that when he loses a battle
He is improving the skill
With which he wields a sword.
He will be able to fight more skillfully next time.
By The River Piedra
I Sat Down and Wept

Two weeks ago when everything seems unbearable for me, I let God take care of me, I didn’t ask Him to take my burden away but to let Him take my hand so I can walk my life with submission.

I pray day and night, ask God’s magic to cure my feeling, try not to accept the decision, not to change the decision.

During those days, I live in hell. There was a war between the good versus the bad me. I can hear the good one told me to accept it with dignity while the bad one told me to fight till the end.

Until last Friday, 01 May, when God worked in His strange way through my friend. He sent my friend to give me new perspective to read the situation and to accept it with dignity.

That Friday, when I met God at His home, I told Him that I wish He could take away the suffering from me, but I can’t. I didn’t have the courage to ask Him to change it, instead for the first time, I let myself cried.

That Friday, the restraining wall collapse, no more defense. I just cried.

And as Paulo Coelho’s wrote in Zahir, “As soon as people decide to confront a problem, they realize that they are far more capable than they thought they were.”

That Friday noon, finally I realized that am far more capable than I thought I was. The confrontation through accepting that it was one of my paths that I have to walk. The path that seems unbearable but maybe someday that path will teach me something new and when there’s a new path coming on my way, I can look back at that day with glory.

But as someone says, that sometimes we never know how God’s magic work or how long God’s want us to learn, that “one day in my life” also leads to the unbelievable ways.

The same Friday, late at night, my friend texted me, informed me to read the new announcement. The announcement that once again changed my life to 180 degrees direction; I’m back to the “old” structure.

I don’t know how it works, especially since I didn’t do anything to change the decision. As I said before, I have accepted the changes with submission; and just when I entrust my burden to Him, He changed it back.

That night, I didn’t feel anything; I just accept it as a new path. The new path that I have to walk; the new path that God had given to me to walk it with new way

Today, when I looked back to those days, I knew that God had given me the precious gift. A gift to “see” everything from different angle; a gift to “read” someone not just like black and white; a gift not to be “na├»ve”

Am I changing ? No, I’m still the old one, someone who doesn’t have the courage to ass kissing, someone who still has that “stupidity” in herself. But now, I see people through different lens, I read them through their “unwritten” language.


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Wiwin Lee said...

as they said, keep ur friends close, keep ur enemies closer.. always have faith in yourself, the only way to go beyond it is go through it..

Anonymous said...

'ta... i have a surprise for you in my blog *WINK*

tere616 said...

@boy : thank you but there's still another turbulence are waiting at the front door :-)

@Wiwien : Yes, can't agree more than you :-)

@accordingtod : I will do my home work.. :-p