Friday, June 05, 2009

Me ? Awesome ? OMG

A couple weeks ago, Dini left a message at my blog. She told me that there’s a present waiting for me at her blog.

When my eyes read the word “PRESENT”, I hold my breath and run away to her blog as fast as I can. I want to open my present right away and voila …when I opened it, I was blushing. She gave me the present that I’ve never dreamed before.

She gave me the Trophy of Awesomeness. OMG … am awesome ? Yes, according to Dini, am awesome because am able to manage my life as a successful career woman and a wonderful mother.

Well ... what should I say ? Except Thank You so much for the Trophy of Awesomeness.
So in her birthday, I’ll post my reflection of why I’m awesome.

This is so hard; I never think that am awesome nor even my kids. According to them am the fussiest mother in the world. Not only fussiest, they also think that am lack of self-confidence, since I always complain about my weight.

What about my team ? Well, this time I have to admit that my team thinks that am awesome. Not awesome as very impressive but very difficult and perhaps rather frightening (based on Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary).

But then I remember what my kids, husband and team said about me, I think I know what Dini means :

Both of my daughters think I’m awesome because I know the trend of the fashion, book, music, movies; I know what kind of movies I should buy for them, or book or CD’s or even their clothes, shoes.

The oldest told me that am awesome because I have a lot of accessories, so she could experiment with that.

My little one told me that am awesome because she loves how I drive the car. Well, in this case, I don’t think that this is the good one, especially since I love to drive at excessive speed.

Both of them think am awesome because am generous not like their father, therefore they always ask me first then their father if they need something.

My husband think am awesome because I know how to surprise him with my cooking, because he can count on me when he forgot his things.

My team thinks that yes am awesome with complete meaning of awesome. They think that I always made them impressive through my understanding of the system, the problem; my quick decision when needed and my knowledge.

My team thinks that yes am awesome in the meaning of very difficult when I questioned them by using my journalism knowledge, the 5W + 1H.

My team think that yes am awesome in the meaning of rather frightening because my demand of excellent service, excellent process.

My team think that am awesome because they know they can discuss every single things with me, they can tease me and criticize me.

Last but not least, I think am awesome because God give me the opportunity to be a mother, a wife and career woman – if I may say so. I never asked my daughters to be number one, I only ask them to let the best of them out of their selves. She may not be the best student but am proud with her thinking process of her future; she knows her potentiality and her lack. Whilst the little one, like the oldest, she may not know what she wants to be in the future, but she knows exactly what is her potentiality and her lack. She’s never afraid to speak up when she sees in-justice.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice present. It's so cool that you're like BFF with your daughters. And to be a career woman also, is not an easy task to balance those two.
Have a great weekend, 'ta!

Anonymous said...

I've got the same present from Ecky and I don't know what to write! I don't think anybody has told me that I'm awesome before.
Anyways, I think you are awesome to be able to be a mother and a career women and keep everything in balance!

boy said...

you are a gaul mommy! :)

Elyani said...

After meeting you a couple of times in our kopdar, I couldn't agree more with others to say that you're totally awesome inside and outside. It appears clearly on the way you carry yourself.