Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's Kids Will Never Experience

Here are the top 10 things that today’s kids will never experience in 2014 according to Time :

Camera Film, Landline Phones, Real Books, Being Lost, Music Videos on MTV, Walkmans, The Glory Days of Nick at Night, Tan M&Ms, Czechoslovakia, Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator.

When I read those list, my first reaction was those kids don’t have to wait until 2014, even today they have not experienced the Camera Film, Walkmans, The Glory Days of Nick at Night.

Just pick an example of Camera Film, they never experienced how we have to carefully choose to take a picture or how do we have to wait until the film been printed. That for kids, what about the young people, I bet they also never experienced the dark room or the enlarger. They don’t have those kind of luxurious anymore.

What about walkmans ? I remember when I clean up my old things and I found out my first sonny walkman. I can not forget my little daughter reactions, raising her eyebrows and asked me in her curiosity tone before finally she ran out and called her sister to show her invention of “cave man” things.

The Glory Days of Nick at night ? Don’t wait until 2014, even today my kids never ever heard of Bewitched – my favorite TV show – or even The Braddy Bunch. I once found those complete series of Braddy Bunch and show it to my little daughter, and as predicted her reaction like “Euw, it’s so 70’s, come on we are not live in cave man period anymore, why should I watch that movie”.

Do I feel pity for my kids because they never experienced those kinds of things ? Well … not at all, because world is evolving, so do human being. We can not stop the world evolve. We also evolving, compare to our mother, where television evolve from black and white to color.

What I feel when I read the article was how I miss my childhood and how lucky I am because I have the chance to be part of The Glory Days of Nick at Night or The Tan M&Ms or The Camera Film.

Just wondering 10 years from now, what kind of things that future kids will never experienced.


refinehere said...

I agree with you strongly! The way a child grow up is evolving as how the world and our society is. Today's Kid is not the same with yesterday Kid. And it is always exciting to look forward for the future.

rie76 said...

well...just a sweet thought of you...hehehehe....baru sempet baca satu nih...bentar lagi mo ngacak2 rumah ini aaah...

Ecky said...

Do your girls know about Mimin and Tintin? hihihihi

Blimey said...

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