Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Once In My Life

When you love someone, you love all of them.
You got to love everything about them, not just good things but the bad things too.
The things that you find lovable and the things you don't.
Valentine's Day

Interesting ….

In life, there are two kinds of people, who fight to get their love back and others who just let their loved one go – not because they don’t have the energy to fight back, it is just because they have lost their faith.

To love someone by love all of them, the good and the bad things, are not easy as what the movie said.

In life, there are a lot of success stories of how people fight back for their love whilst at the same there a lot of unsuccessful stories of how people finally give up to keep their love.

And still the recipe from the success people no always fit with others, because love is un logical, love is about feeling, love is about people, and love is about God’s plan.

Estelle’s quote is the same like marriage vow in Catholic marriage sacrament. By accepting the good and the bad from our partner it means that we accept God’s plan to us because God had made it.

Therefore, when love vanished we must fight it back, fight as hard as we can, and if we still can’t find it – according to the marriage sacrament – we are not allow to run away instead we must live with it because at that time all the forgiveness, all the acceptance of good and bad from our partner will bring love to live again.

Several years ago when I was in my pilgrimage trip, I asked the priest of those concept. I remember I asked him if God do not allow separation then why He create the feeling of fall in love ? What is the purpose of God by doing that ?

And the priest told me that to find the answer, we have to ask God through our prayer, because we are human and only God who knows the answer.

Yesterday, I watched ‘Fire’ – one of Deepa Mehta film – it’s about how a wife sacrifices her desire just because according to her husband, desire is a sin God’s eye and man. Since that she put her desire at the corner and try not to remember it until her sister in law came to her life. Suddenly she feels alive and fall in love to her sister in law. At the end of the film, she decided to leave her husband because she needs to follow her heart.

Comparing Fire and Valentine’s Day .. what is the lesson that I got ? For me love is a mysterious way of how God shows His care to us. We never know why God create those kind of difficulties in keeping the flame of love in the relationship, but one thing that I know for sure, when God let someone feel the joy of love again, it doesn’t mean that God were mean instead at that time God were sending us a gift to feel the beauty of life.

…. My two cents …

Note :

Another thought - For some people, marrying your best friend is a ticket for a happy marriage; because we turn our relationship from someone that we like to someone we love, because we never pretend to be someone else to someone that we like whilst to stranger, it takes time before we become our selves.


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