Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Grief

“As you approach the holidays, remember: grief is both a necessity and a privilege. It comes as a result of giving and receiving love. Don’t let anyone take your grief away. Love yourself. Be patient with yourself. And allow yourself to be surrounded by loving, caring people.”  - Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Center for Loss and Transition

Today, I am supposed working on my deck, prepare myself for another important meeting which apparently in 24 December evening.  But instead of revising my deck, I just doing my old habit, blog walking. And suddenly, I came to http://www.eleanorvincent.com/2013/12/ and read that quote.

It took me a while to digest the quote before finally surfacing sense of loss.

Somebody says to me, it’s only a mind’s game, to accept the things that you can’t change. Easy isn’t it? Yes it is easy, if it is related to accept the situations in the corporation world – even though I always fell no matter how hard I try. Maybe because most of the time my emotion still took the major part of those mind game process.

I don’t know the answer yet, if the ‘mind’s game’ can easily wound the feeling of the losses.  One thing that I know that our mind is our master of everything.  But it is not just as simple as that.

In a sense of accepting the fact that we have lost our loves one, yes our mind is the master, but we are human, were we could feel the pain, the happiness which comes into our lives. We are not robot, where every single movement directed by the machine aka the mind, where the pain, the happiness is not part of their functionality.  We are not animal either, even though they could feel the pain, the happiness which not as much as human.

I tend to agree with the quotes, grief is both a necessity and privilege. It comes as a result of giving and receiving love.

Letting your loves one go and know that the person will not come back again, is really hurts. The grief for me is the cure for the sadness, the moment in accepting the fact that the person is gone, the moment to remember all the sweetest thing when that person still be with you.

It is a privilege since it is only ourselves that have the feeling that in addition to all the memories of that person.

And when holidays come like today, is the hardest part, especially in accepting the fact that all those memories is real not a dream.

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