Monday, November 24, 2008

Me and Burn-Out

It’s been more than 3 weeks since my last post, this time I really lost my energy to write, to watch the movie, neither to do chatting nor to play with my plurkers friend.

At first I thought it’s because of my health since for the last 3 weeks I was suffering from cold, migraine and lately vertigo. But lately, after I’m monitoring my own reaction, especially my feeling then my assumption goes to “burn-out” disease. And this time, the burn-out really hit my health condition and my spirit, which made me feel helpless.

I hate myself, not because of the burn-out, but more to my ability to cope with the “burn-out”. That burn-out took all my energy to healing me.

I don’t want to meet my friends, not even answering their call nor their mail. The only meeting that am attending only business meeting since it was my responsibility, others than that, I’d rather going home early instead be in the middle of crowd.

I felt like a zombie, out there, go to the office, meet the third party, meet the colleague, discussing the opportunity, while my spirit were going somewhere.

I think it’s about time to go back to my world and fight with the burn-out; otherwise I’ll lose the beauty of each day.


GJ said...

Tere, Sorry to hear about your condition, please take care as it is easy to slip into depression which is very serious.
Best wishes

tere616 said...

GJ : Hi, thanks for the advice. Am also afraid that it'll slip into depression.

Anyway, I'm in my early stage to heal myself now :-)

And this post is the process of the early stage.

I just come back to my plurk, my FB and try to post something.

There are two activities that still left, meet my friends and blog walking :-(

Anonymous said...

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