Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terrorist a.k.a Ourselves

Mumbai terror attack finally over after 60 hours with 195 dead, according to Yahoo News. Whilst several days before, at the other part of this world, Beatles have been finally forgiven by Vatican forgives due to their statement of they were more popular than Jesus. And just several weeks before, at the other part of this world also, Indonesia were debating of the anonymous blogger who posted a cartoon of the prophet of Muhammad and how to push word press to give the identity of the blogger.

All of those issues were relating to RELIGION, all related with human ego, not God’s ego. Human ego that feels humiliated, feels superior than others, feels others are stupid, that others is nothing compare to themselves.

Have they or we asked ourselves why we have religion ? Since most all of us inherited the religion from our parents, our parents inherited from our ancestors, only limited person choose their religion by their own.

What is the purpose of religion in this earth ? To fight with others ? To claim that their GOD are not the same like us ?

Have we met our GOD ? Have we met our prophet ? We only know GOD or the Prophet through our ancestor, through their Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita and Weda. None of us ever met with GOD or our Prophet. What we believe is what we read, what we believe is what we think is fit with our way of thinking, what we believe is given.

If so, then why we have to fight ? Why we have to terror others who are different with us ? Why we have to kill innocent people just in the name of GOD ?

GOD do not create the religion, it’s us, human, who does create the religion. It is us, human, who hates others, not GOD. It is, us, human, who feel the superiority, not GOD.

None in God’s book, the book that we believed as Holy, ever tell people to hate each others, to fight for what we believe. All His statement is based on LOVE. Unless we miss-understand the meaning of LOVE.

Popularity is just popularity. Is is true that Beatles – at Beatles era – were more popular than Jesus. Maybe. Let Beatles claimed what they believes, in our heart, in Jesus disciple heart, we all know that Jesus is more popular than Beatles. So why bother ?

A cartoon ? Well, in my opinion, a cartoon is just a cartoon. Is the religion loss their dignity because of that sketch ? Everybody knows that the religion still have their dignity, same as before the cartoon were there.

I believe that if all of us, hand in hand, spread the beauty of diversity in religion, then there will be no space for the terrorist, for the fanatical, spread their doctrine.

Otherwise, this terror will continue and stop when there’s no one left to be killed.

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