Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Indonesia .. The “Sin” City

This morning when I heard that Ariel – Indonesian Rock Star – will be on trial, I said to myself, well let us make a bet,  part of me said that the Indonesian court  will sentenced him less than the sentenced they gave to the corruptor number one – you know who – . While the other part said to me that I should be rational, the court will sentenced him at least similar with the corruptor even though I doubt it too.
But since I love Monday was the day where the whole day meeting became the first priority of my calendar, I have forgotten to monitor the verdict through the television at my office, until I read my twitter time line, suddenly I heard the voice of mine,  the voice of the gambler who won the bet, “I won  .. I won .. You lose .. You lose ..”
The verdict as predicted by my other personality really reflected of how Indonesia tried to leave behind the status as ‘Sin City”.
It’s been quite a long time since Indonesia try to built their image as a country where all the porn things to be vanished, where all ‘naked’ things has to be hide somewhere in people’s closet, where free sex is never exist in this country, where the biggest prostitution kampong is a shame.
And they almost claimed their succeed until the famous Indonesia Rock Star personal video of his sexual activities suddenly becomes public consumption.
So can you imagine how shocked they were?  Our Indonesian Leader felt like they’ve been slapped accidentally. They couldn’t understand how the Satan can defeat them,  they felt so envy  that the Indonesian rock star have the courage to recorded himself with a woman, something that they dream of and still there are a lot of people be at his side.
Therefore, when the biggest sensational corruptor – the-you-know-who – were on trial, they told the Angel to shine the judges, so- the-you-know-who-will not be in jail for the rest of his life and his family will not be suffer to pay the penalty.
But not when the Indonesian Rock Star were on trial, they know that it is their time to shown  to all the Satan disciple that Corruptor were better than Porn  things, that the-you-know-who were not degrade the moral of the country whilst the Indonesian Rock Star, who recorded his sexual activity for his own and be stolen, not.
I still don’t understand why The Leader was so naïve that only and through porn, Indonesia will get the status as The Holy City ? Do they know that corruption was the real enemy ? Do they know that corruption were the source of all the disease ? Do they know that we are not blind ? Do they know that people are not stupid ?
Me – the Satan Disciple – can only hold my breath, still trying to find answer behind the odd sentenced given to the Indonesian Rock Star. Wondering the morality of our leader if they valued that corruption is much better compare to individual sexual activity lives ?
 If the leader in this country thought that they can make Indonesia as The Holy City through vanishing the porn aka individual sexual activity, then they may be has forgotten that they actually lives in Indonesia – The Sin City.

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Boy : Yes, all under "In the Name of God" ..