Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Imaginary Talk

A : Hey, I have read your blog. It seems that you did not sincere to admit that you have made a mistake. You need to be more unpretentious.

M : More unpretentious ?

A : Yes…I did not see that you’ve stated that you’ve made a mistake. Instead of admitted the reason of your return to your corporation world, you wrote your best friend mistake.

M : Whaat ?

A : Yes… I didn’t see your humble tone there. Lucky that I knew the reason behind your returned to corporation world, but others…they didn’t know anything. They just knew that you have changed.

M : Whaat ?

SNOB ... based on the Oxford Dictionary .... a person who thinks they are much better than other people because they are intelligent or like things that many people do not like.

UNPRETENTIOUS ... based on the Oxford Dictionary ... not trying to appear more special, intelligent, important, etc.


Maybe because I pushed myself to always write in English so the “Always knew better than me” did not understand that I have admitted that I made a mistake.

That it needs a courage to say that I made a mistake, need a courage to be honest to our closest friend to say that she has changed after she got her promotion, need a courage to say that back to corporation world was something that I hated to the bone, need a courage to say to my “circle of friends” that I have to put aside my dream for a while, need a courage to say to my “circle of friends” the reason of my returned to the corporation world, need a courage to say that I don’t have to make announcement to every single person in the world the reason of my return to corporation world.

However, I think that is the reason we have named “HUMAN”, because if our name is “GOD”, then we never put somebody to the corner and let that person died slowly by torturing him bit by bit.

I learned something today that “unforgotten” is the secret weapon to kill the “transformation”.

>> Continue in imaginary conversation …

M : I don’t think that I should make an announcement to every person in the world. I have admitted. Go back to the article and read it carefully. That's a drag.

A : I always right, have you forgotten that ?

M : No, I never have forgotten that. But I have changed. Tell you something, that PRETENTIOUS or SNOB is the last word I want people to remember me.

…Phew…It’s 02.00 AM. Anyway, I can’t dictate anybody in the world to say something nice to me. Sometimes I need that “kind” of person, to remind me to be more patient.

Am I furious ? No….talking to myself while listening to Corinne Bailey Rae….:)

Three little birds sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry
Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet.
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.
Maybe sometimes
We’ve got it wrong bit it’s alright. The more things seem to change,
The more they stay the same.
Oooo, don’t you hesitate.
Girl put your records on,
Tell me your favourite song,
You go ahead let your hair down,
Sapphire and faded jeans,
I hope you get your dreams.
Just go ahead let your hair down.
You’re going to find yourself somewhere, somehow….

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