Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Worst Thing

Ugh…everybody blame me for that stupid thing that I made today. All of them !!!
Oh God, why am I so impulsive ? Why do you give that “impulsive” thing to me ? Why don’t you take away that “things” from me ?

I remember, my best friend used to say that the difference between “na├»ve” and “stupidity” was so close.

I went to the medical check up today, which a requirement before I signed the offering letter and just because I want to be a good person, I put in the questionnaire my health condition that I had 2 years ago.

Anyway,….que sera sera, it happened
Just wish that I could explain the cause of that condition to the doctor next week….that it happened because of a bunch of project that I had to finish at the same time.

Okay impulsive one, you have to let it go now... >> trying to tell myself <<>

Note :
Hmh…. This is the worst thing I have ever written in my entire life.
I think I have to go to my yoga class tomorrow morning otherwise "this stupidity" things will affect my mood for entire week.


Anonymous said...

awww, i did a similar thing from 4 years ago and then went urgh! anyway, inshallah, it will work out for the best thing. Believe in that! better to be forthright,

Anonymous said...

It is my deep regret to ruin your birthday. It is well understood that he is no more imporatant. Why always bother with something not important, as you said.

I do very sorry for all bad attitude to response the jelousy that actually was no more exist.

How about this .... not important or something that it is intentionaly maintaned in your heart ? . It was just happened ..., it was june at least.

Things that will always said in proud that nice relationship was one time happened?.

Please give me your honest and humble says if you thing is still necessary.

Please foregive me for breaking the promise. However my instinct say diffrently.

At 6:52 PM, tere616 said…

I love your article. Remind me of my indian friend who is still single until now. He just got his MBA's and I bet, there are a lot of girls line in his "door".

He has a "white" girl friend now..; and I wonder how his parents reaction now...

Anyway..it's nice to read it. Will put yours to my link.

Tina said...

Thank you for signing my blog - I was inspired by your photos to finally post my photo website...


Thank you for the inspiration! I will keep reading your site!

Luigi said...

Seneng udah bisa mampir kesini, nuhun udah di tengok.. salam hangat dari afrika barat :)