Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve

I'm dreaming tonight
Of a place I love
Even more than I usually do.
And although I know
It's a long road back
I promise you, I'll be home for Christmas.

You can count on me.
Please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree.
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love-light gleams.
I'll be home for Christmas, If only in my dreams.

I always have a dream to be home for Christmas…
A wish that I always whisper in every Christmas Eve…

Until last night, during the Christmas Eve Mass
When I looked my beautiful little daughter be an angel
When I watched her pretty sister sat nicely along the Mass
I realized that He actually made my dream come true ..

He gave me the most precious gift I’ve ever have in my life.

And during my Christmas prayer,
All I asked only the strength to hug, to trust and to love

And to live with my dream, .. be home for Christmas

... Christmas Eve, 24 December 2006

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