Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where have you been ?

Yeah … where have I been lately ? Looking back into my life for the past three weeks, nothing much can I say, only I’ve been busy with the system changes plan of my company.

For almost three weeks, my office moved to Borobudur Hotel, the well-known hotel for their Oxtail Soup. We had a meeting with the Korean vendor, exchanged ideas, listened to their presentation based on our requirement, fight for the implementation phase, listened to the schedule of integration. Put a lot of the energy and emotion into that lovely project.

But I don’t want to share the discussion, too much pain there ….; I just want to share the Hotel, more interesting story than discussion with the Korean who could not speak English plus their smell of alcohol.

Oow…almost had forgotten….the Hotel …yes ..It’s been a long time ago, when I went to this hotel, just for dinner. My mom took me there almost every weekend to teach me table manner. During that time, she will notice all my bad habit, like watching people, the way I hold the knife, everything. What a nightmare ! Now, I have to thank her, for what she did.

It’s been a long time ago, when I used to swim in their swimming pool, stay at their room, feel and touch the smell of beautiful and clean hotel.

Now, after three weeks with the well-known hotel for the oxtail soup, I have to say that I will not visit that hotel again, except if I want to taste their oxtail soup.

The toilet, my standard of cleanliness, was way much of the five star hotels. Can’t believe it, the cleanliness standard like the 2 star hotels. Seems that they were lack of inspection, waste bin full of used toilet paper, the toilet was dirty.

The food, not more than 3 days, I could predict the menu. Seems that they don’t have enough variety recipes for vegetables, fish, chicken and meat. For not to say that their quality of meat was below of standard. I know that import meat is expensive but at least they can use our local meat with the highest quality.

However, I have to say “excellent” for their dessert. Hm …..the chocolate mouse, mango mouse, strawberry cake, caramel pudding, coconut pudding ….; all of them boost my weight up to above my standard….( have to reduce my weight after that .. )

The meeting room, this was disaster, they have to use fan because their air con did not work well. With more than 30 peoples bring their own laptop, you can imagine how hot the temperature in the board meeting room. Both of us sometimes loose our patience.

We have changed our meeting room several times, but still we felt like we were not in the 5 star meeting rooms.

I felt pity for this hotel. It’s hard to compare my childhood experience and the recent experience. Like heaven and hell. Walking along the lobby, my mind always tries to bring my childhood memory but every time it has vanished.

As somebody says, you have to live with the present …..

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goblinbox said...

Isn't it sad when I restaurant you used to enjoy goes downhill? You had such nice memories of it, and now it's not clean and the menu is boring! I'm sorry you lost your ideal!