Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas News

The Christmas Mass
After more than 6 years, we went to Bartolommeo’s Church, this year we went to the church of my parish, Keluarga Kudus.
The reason was so simple, just because my lovely little daughter be an angel during the Mass.

She’s so cute and funny. Both of us, her sister, and me smile when she passes us. Instead of gave her smile to the manger, she gave her big smile and her cute face to us. The funniest thing was, this time we went to church with her Santa’s puppet. Lucky that she didn’t push people to shake hand with her Santa

Christmas Eve Dinner
As usual, every Christmas Eve, I always prepare the dinner for my family.
I started this since I was in college.
My mom always mad at me because I always made my decision in the last minute, and she must order her staff to buy all the things that I need.
The worst part was, after gone back from the Church, my family have to wait until the dinner ready.

But not this time, for the 1st time in my year, I could prepare my broccoli cream cheese soup, tenderloin steak with brown sauce and spaghetti bolognaise, right on time. The dessert, Hazelnut and Chocolate ice cream from Walls ….

And when all my children and family were in their dream, I was busy with all the presents. Wrapped it with a bunch of memory of their request for their Christmas presents. No one knows that Santa came and visit me couple of days before.

Christmas Day.
Hm … this is little bit different since my in-laws are Moslem and they can't stand to have Christmas lunch with European menu.

Therefore, as usual, the menu always the traditional one, mix of Manado and Sunda. As my daughter said, “Hahahaha… tomorrow we will have lebaran menu”.

And like others, Christmas Day is always the day when family get together, make plan for the New Year, gossiping, laughing, remembering the funniest thing, the children playing, watching a DVD, and … eating …

What a wonderful Christmas this year……


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treespotter said...

merry christmas and happy new year tere!

no pics of the lil angel?

tere616 said...

treepotter : Hm .. yes, I miss that. It's raining and we're in hurry that time..

Thank you for the greetings.