Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Creator of War

Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon in a discussion forum of “Religion Creates War”. The idea of the discussion came from these thought “many years ago a lot of religion's and people have created wars and has affected many things like free-will, freedom and peace” according to James V.

The discussion itself were interesting since people from different background, different religion, at the end divided into two sides, people sides and religion sides.

How about me ? I’m the one who believes that the creator of war is People not the Religion.

If we were looking into the history of Crusade War, it started because of the ego of the Pope who has the highest authority to expand his power, in the name of deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan tyranny.

That was war between Christian people and Moslem, but there are many wars in the name of religion outside there, war within the same religion, in the name of fighting for the truth, based on the highest authority perception, highest authority which is a human not a prophet.

Somebody replied to me in the discussion, he asked me, if I said that the creator of religion were people and not God than who creates the religion ? It’s people, who create religion, who create God.

Well, am not an expert of religion, my understanding is as simple as an elementary kid learns how to count.

But my stand point came from these issues, which happened in Indonesia lately :

I read at Anita’s blog several weeks ago, where she pointed out the news that she read in Indonesia Matters “Jewish Conspiracy”, about the statement of one of Indonesian Moslem Cleric’s Council (MUI) Buya Mas’oed Abidin, regarding Valentine’s Day. Buya Mas’oed urged Moslem people to stop celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is part of capitalist-Jewish conspiracy.

On the other hand there’s another issue which came from The Alliance of Christian Students and Youths (AMPK) when they reported Tempo magazine (Indonesian version) to the police because of using Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting to imitate our late former president Soeharto’s family as Tempo’s main cover.

Both of the above issues for sure invited a lot of comment, from both side, pro versus contra, good versus bad, were at the end could lead to a negative perception of the religion.

Both of the above issue could lead protester to fight for their beliefs, and to fight for their beliefs, automatically they will use their “religion” as the foundation to support their belief.

And as we all know, if we would like to bring religion into discussion table, it needs an open mind and understanding for both party that there’s always room for differentiation.

Until the end of day of this world, there’s always some part that never be the same. No matter hard we try to understand, the difference always stands there.

Therefore, if we always use our ego in the name of religion, I believe that we plant a seed of war. And when two parties fight, because of the ego, can we blame the religion as the creator of war ?

The answer is we can not. Religion already there since centuries ago. The entire holy book, Bible, Quran, Gita and Veda, still says the same thing until now. What Jesus said or Mohammad Said or Krishna said, still the same, the words, the coma, exactly the same like when the first time people read that holy book.

The changes were the people who read that holy book, because they have their own understanding, their own interpretation, their own hidden agenda and their own ambition, especially for them who have hidden agenda.

God create human being with all the brain but it doesn’t mean that religion was created by people and it doesn’t mean those religions that create the war.

God give people the knowledge, the capability to understand that the experience with God, is different form one to another and how to applicable their religion or belief in this world.


colson said...

Mild and wise words!

Even an agnostic like me feels quite at home in the company of opinions and attitudes like these.


johnorford said...

hrm. well the way i see it, religion isn't an active thing, religion doesn't do anything it's passive.

even if u r religious, it's also debatable whether god is a doer and interventionist or not.

ppl should take responsibility for their own actions.

tere616 said...

colson : Thank you.

johnorford : Agreed. It's a topic, where each sides have their own opinion on it. But yes, people should take responsibility for their own actions.

GJ said...

Great post well balanced, I concur with your thoughts. People can justify anything and unfortunately think their religion should shoulder this burden. Many wars were fought "in the name" of religion not by the religion, there is a huge difference. All anyone needs is tolerance and self control. No matter what God you celebrate what religion you follow they are all strong enough to stand without the physical intervention from the people. If the people have to fight then they must think their religion is weak and requires defending. Not true!!!!!!
Again great post


GJ said...

BTW I got round to linking you

GJ said...
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Elyani said...
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Elyani said...

I have a devoted Muslim friend who will bring her own bottled water when she is invited over to her Chinese friend's house. This friend is worried the glass / cup to serve the water there might be washed by the sponge that has been used to wash the utensils after eating pork. I really do not get the idea why pigs/dogs are such a cursed animal? Where do dogs and pigs come from? I believe they do not asked to be created in this world. Why does religion do this? Ever wonder why we also have to state our religion in our KTP, SIM, ijazah sekolah for example? I think religion was created as an early form of control. Religion is all good, but it’s the way some people interpret it that cause all the problems ie. wars and such.

Toni said...

Dear Elyani. People sometimes are so weird (and funny too) when they are too strict about their religion For me, I like being liberal, giving me more freedom to decide what's good for me regardless of their believes. Best.

tere616 said...

gj : Yup. Couldn't agree more than you. But am just curious why we never learn from the past ?

Elyani : Religion was created as an early form of control, respect others. But like I said before, ppl mis-interpret their religion and most of the time the cleric or even the priest endorsed it. In your case, my advice, don't take it personally. If am not mistaken, their beliefs was due to the history in the era of Mohammad, when pig was an animal which brings a lot of virus.

Well, don't let their beliefs intoxinate you :-)

Toni : I like being liberal too :-)

Beaman said...

I had quite a debate in the comments section of the following post, regarding religion. :) 70+ comments.