Monday, February 11, 2008

Live like a Child

You gotta dance like nobody's watching, dream like you will live forever,
live like you're going to die tomorrow
and love like it's never going to hurt.
by Meme Grifsters

Inspiring quote ? Yes, indeed.

Have you ever had a quote that brightens your day ? or make you stop thinking for a while and back to your nutshell ?

This is one of the quote that make me stop for a while and imagining the new day that have been given to me, the new day not yesterday nor tomorrow.

Why it is so difficult to remember that we only live for today, not yesterday nor tomorrow ? And why it is so difficult to dance and dream and love like a child ?

Is it because of God’s curse to Adam and Eve ?

The more we know the more afraid we are, the more I see everything the more I see things differently.

A child’s eye was pure because they only see the beauty, the funny things and the most important they only know the unconditional love …

If one day I could live like that … my wish.


Anonymous said...

Hai met kenal! Blognya bagus!
Mau duit gratis? Silahkan klik di sini!

Anonymous said...

I wish I have the energy of a child to go through my day. *Salam kenal dari Iowa, a mom of 2 beautiful children too*

tere616 said...

nindafunky : salam kenal juga, thanks. Will visit your blog :-)

Dinysays : Yup, me too, yesterday was a disaster day for me, couldn't hold my temper in the office.

Salam kenal juga ...

nadia febina said...

why is it so difficult to dance and dream and love like a child??

I always love your writing! :)

good to be here again... hope everything is well with you.

hotrowdypiper said...

beautiful words and moving, i'll always cherish these words and sentences...