Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work hard or Work Smart

Here’s the picture :

A woman, married with three kids.
She is the type of working hard person and proud of herself because of that title.
Almost everyday she come to her office around 08.30 AM, going home around midnight or the worst thing at 3 AM, and can be at her office at 08.30 AM again.

She’s heading several divisions and because of that, she demands the same philosopy of work hard to her team.

One day, she share her way of life to other groups in her office, and no one in that groups gave a compliment instead they were skeptical with her working hard philosophy.

The worst part was one of the security in the office have to going home around 2.00AM because he had to wait the other team member finished the meeting with her and because of that new habit, he had an accident on his way back home. He hit the buss and had to be hospitalized.

And the woman which is one of her team member had caught by police officer because she drove her car alone around 02.00 AM. The police was suspicious until he saw that the woman is older enough and just went back from her office.

Tragic isn’t it ?

….. I and that “working hard” woman was from the same the company and by fate suddenly we are working in the same group. The difference only the position, she is heading several divisions of several companies in the group.

The previous company that we were come for is one of the most admired companies to work. The company that has been known as the university to other company within their industry.

The company philosophy that I know was we have to work smart instead of work hard, we have to be able to balance our life because we are human, social person and on top of that we have our family. At that time we were not allowed to spend our whole life in the office.

Therefore, listened to her story, it’s hard for me to picture that kind of story. Her proud of her work hard really amazed and scared.

What if she implemented the same way and spread the new philosophy of work hard in her current group ? Well, while in fact, she has done that to her team. I think my daughter will lost her word to express how busy her mother is.

I’m not fan of work hard person instead I still need a room for my daughter, my husband, and myself. I can’t imagine how my daughter’s life if their mom work like hell.

I’m afraid that regret is not enough when I realized the moment was gone, that I can’t replace the “sadness” memory.

I don’t know, maybe its worth to have a life like that, maybe …..


Rob Baiton said...


For me it is a combination of working hard and smart!

Nevertheless, once I have a kid in the midst of this working hard and smart scenario I will post again and let you know where the hard and smart thing is at :D

GJ said...

A very wise mentor once told me that he was very skeptical of people who had to work long hours. Rather than thinking how wonderful they were, he doubted their ability to preform the job. So it can back fire!! Work/life balance is very important, and you are right, lost time with your family can't be regained.

Words of wisdom from a lazy person that works samrt.