Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mom and Daughter Relationship

I got this from my oldest daughter post in her blog. Not because I sneak her blog, it is because she forgot to sign out while at the same times, it’s because of my clumsiness when I post my comment to Rob Baiton blog without changed the ID.

I couldn’t tell what I feel when I read several of her statement when she expressed herself but I know one thing, suddenly I feel older than my age.

Here’s her statement that made me laugh, worried and happy :

I really really really REEAAAALLLLYYY want some piercing and some tattoos.
 I wanna learn how to drive a car but my mom doesn’t let me while my dad would love to “teach” me.
 I’m addicted to the internet. If my mom not telling me to stop, the I won’t stop
 I’m not really into branded things.
 I love my sister soooo much much much ! I think nobody knows this

While this statement made me feel guilty and sad :

 My mom is the busiest person ever, but we still keep in good touch

And this statement is the proof of typical parent’s relationship with their children :

 I keep thinking that if men are from mars and women are from venus, than the parents must be from Pluto. Silly thought. I know. Never mind.

Phew … can’t say anything, only feel her love to us and how lucky I’m to have her as my daughter. Even though I’m not always be with her all the time, some of my value of life is with her too.


johnorford said...

ur daughter has really great written english!

GJ said...

and a great sense of humour!!!

Pluto LOL :~D

Anonymous said...

I miss you

Silverlines said...

Awww ..
Your daughter's thoughts are so impressive!!! And honest too. Well, but surely you won't tell her that you do read her blog, would you? That might gonna "stop" her from being her trueself and unloading her true mind.

I can see where she gets the sweetness and lovable character from, though, girl!

tere616 said...

johnorford : thank you :-) and also to TBI.

GJ : Yes, you're right. I laugh out loud for that pluto things.

Silverlines : Because of her thought made me cry on my way to the office on the next day. "The busiest person" :-(

I stumble on her blog by an accident, hehehe, she warned me not to read but I couldn't.

I only read once, the rest .. will take your advice :-)

Rob Baiton said...

Seems like your daughter has her head screwed on right!

You should teach her to drive though! :D

tere616 said...

rob baiton : oow, come on. She is too young to drive a car :-D

Rob Baiton said...

When she is old enough?

tere616 said...

Rob : When she is old enough to understand the implication of driving in high speed. Hehehe....typical old style mother. LOL.

Actually, when she is in uni, she just finished her junior high school :-)