Monday, June 23, 2008

Magic or Risk

Paulo Coelho's question in his blog :
In Brida, a book that I wrote back in 1990, there are two ways to recognize your soul mate. Through Magic – meaning : entering a state of trance in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soul mate – or by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate. So here is my question : Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes ?

When I stumble on this question, by nature my own answer is by taking risk, making mistakes. I’m not the one who believes in magic, in entering the trance state.

But when I read through line by line, suddenly I’m questioning my decision. Suddenly there are several questions flying over my head. How if until the end I fail to meet my soul mate, how long I can hold my suffering to find my soul mate, how do I know that I’ve met my soul mate.

One and half years ago, I had this kind of discussion. The discussion of soul mate, the discussion that made we forgot the sounds of the ocean, the dark of the night. The never ending discussion where there is no conclusion.

What is soul mate ? Someone that know ourselves more than we know ourselves ? or where the feeling is more than a word, where only by the look, by the feeling we instantly know what he/she felt ? or our past life love story, the un-complete love story ? Is there only one soul mate or there are many soul mates ?

I don’t know, I don’t have the answer, even though I always put that word in my posting. I’ve tried hard to find the clue through my life experience reflection, but every time I thought I have got the answer, I found myself questioning the answer again.

A vague answer if I may say so …..

It’s weird, isn’t it ? Someone that we thought before as the ideal person, suddenly when the months pass or years pass become the one that we didn’t understand. Someone that we would like to spend with in our whole life suddenly become someone that we wish to vanish from our life. Someone that we love become someone we hate.

It’s weird, isn’t it ? In the name of love within one night become In the name of hatred. All the beautiful memories that we build suddenly vanished.

Yes, it’s totally weird, it’s totally insane….. until I remembered the book that I read three years ago, written by Dr Brian Weiss about Soul Mates from past lives.

Then I realized that I’ve made my decision, that I will choose to live in pain, to make mistake, to take the risk, to be with the wrong people instead find my soul mate through magic.

Why ?

I haven’t read Brida, but when I read Paulo Coelho’s line by line then I understand that “by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people then finally I find my soul mate”.

Because through all the pain we can accept the purpose of our live, the purpose of our destiny, we learn how to fix the mistake that we have made.

Some people chose to run away from the pain with the hope to find their perfect half, others choose to stay with the pain with the hope that finally the pain will be replace with happiness, whatever the decision they or we made, at the end God will open His Pandora box, and until that moment, we never know whether we have met our soul mate.

So back to Paulo Coelho’s question, the answer may vary, there's no good or bad answer, no right or wrong answer, it depends on someone believes.

I'm human ... only God can judge.


Xander said...

...its true that time changes our perspective of the people around us that we may have perceived as our soulmate(s) and then different the next day/month/year,..but I guess the only thing constant in life is 'Change'... ;]

Ariadne Green said...

Soulmates have a destiny to at least meet and are offered a chance to grow the relationship into a lasting committment. Magic? The meeting can be very magical and divinely timed, but can you avoid the growth lessons before hand? No...they are necessary for your soul's evolution and by the time your true divine complement enters the stage you are better prepared for true love. I hope that you will read my latest book, Divine Complement. You can read about it on my booksite,
God bless you,

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Rob Baiton said...

Happiness is what we make it to be.

We can live and wallow in sadness, bitterness, and hatred if we want to.

For me, I choose to believe that there is always something better just around the corner. This does not relate to soulmates or friends, but rather life generally.

tere616 said...

Xander : Yes, the only thing constant in life is "Change" :-) and Time is another word of "Change" I guess.

Ariadne : true. But how can we know that our true complement finally enter our stage ? Is that part of the lesson ? or the magic ? Will read your book anyway.

Aart Hilal : Thank you for showing me Paulo Coelho's blog

Rob : Yup. That's why we never give up, isn't it ? I do believe that there's always something better just around the corner and before I reach into that corner I have to learn something to make me wiser than before :-)

Emo Scene Layouts said...

I am 24 and time just fly by . Its just a bubble .