Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How Are You A Friend to Yourself ?

It's usually easy to see the ways in which we're friends to others, but sometimes our relationship to ourselves is harder to express.
Do you treat yourself as you would a good friend?
How do you demonstrate this?
(Gaia Community)

How am I being a friend to myself ? Do I treat myself as I will be a good friend ?

Hm ….looking back into my relationship with myself for the past two years, I would say that I don’t treat myself as a good friend.

I value myself as a good friend but in reality I’ve been hard to myself lately. Push myself up to the limit, stretch myself more than before. I don’t put my attention to the small things I’ve always done with myself. I’ve lost my spontaneity with myself.

Remembering the old days when we always admired the morning sun, listen to the voice of morning wind, smile to the leaves, flower and play with the fountain …; or stretch our self together in the morning with our lovely yoga pose ….

Sometimes, we just sat together and listen to our favorite music after enjoyed the cold water from the swimming pool.

And when the times come, we spend our vacation together, far away from the horn of our office stuff.

I miss those old days …

I think I have to give myself a break and try to bring back the old days slowly, otherwise I will loose myself, my best friend in the world.

Time to rejuvenate ….


johnorford said...

that's a pretty good thought. now i should be more generous to myself methinks...

tere616 said...

johnoford : You should, otherwise you will experience that burn-out syndrome :-)