Monday, November 06, 2006

Loosing Life

What a life !

Wake up early in the morning, smell the jasmine flower, watch the padma try to say good morning to the sun, the frangipani flower all over the path to the beach, the song of the bird welcoming their friends, and the song of the waves ….

Walking along the beach early morning, when the sun starts to show himself after long dark night.. Watching people pass by, children build a sand castle, dog try to catch the waves, surfer start to choose the best wave to surf.

Some people already busy with their jogging ritual while other just open their eyes and gave their sleepy look just to awake them from their happy dream. Honeymooners start to count their new days by looking the pretty – funny shelf.

Three puppies busy with themselves, try to catch each other. Happily roll over along the white sandy beach. Whilst the big one try to tease the small one – the bulldog and Chihuahua – what a lovely couple. And the puddle tries to encourage his female to walk with him and play with the waves.

The owner of the “umbrella” – the tend – lazily open the big umbrella and arrange the beach chair. Others just watching the activity ….

Watch the color of the birthday ceremony of small Pura at the beach where people bring the offering to shown their love to the GOD….

Yeah … what a life !

Read in my book – the 7 lively sins - LIFE LESSON # 44

You – and you alone – are in charge of creating that movie-for-one called your life. You – and you alone – are not only your own life writer, but life casting agent, director, producer, caterer, everything-er. IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR LIVE MOVIE … if you feel it’s too much ENTERPAINMENT and not enough ENTERTAINMENT … then it’s up to YOU – and YOU alone – to close down the movie set and re-cast and re-shot … and not waste another day shooting scenes that would be better off on the editing room floor

Yes, it’s damn right. It depends on me. Therefore losing my life – sometimes – is something I need to re-charge myself. To remind myself of my “dream”, the real dream. To let the creativity, the sense of smell, touch, come and visit my “brain”, my “body”, and my “senses”.

In fact, losing life, is something that older people prevent to hide it, prevent not to fall in that kind of activity. In the name of “IMAGE”. In the name of “CHILDISH”. For the grown up people “loosing life” is something related to children stuff.

We tend to forgot that actually on that children stuff lay down the powerful power to enlighten ourselves, the grown up people.

Anyway, back to real life again, another scene of our own movie start to cast the new daily episode. Like my neighbor blog write in his blog – every day we experiencing new life.


treespotter said...

you sound deliciously happy :D

tere616 said...

Ace : Yes, Bali is the place where the world stop for a while. My Wizard of Oz place, where I got my energy back. I love the beach especially in the morning, I love it like hell and all the quiet, traditional ambience in Ubud.