Sunday, November 05, 2006

Old friend from Past Life

Sometimes I wonder how two stranger’s people could connect only through a simple question. Somebody says it was just like a puzzle, a puzzle of your life, before we left this world; we have to complete the puzzle. Somebody says it was our “old” friend, someone that we know from the past, who would like to remind us of your purpose of life, or help us at the lowest time of our life.

I don’t know, maybe both of them was true. One thing that I do believe was if I met a new person and not more than 5 minutes we could share our thought, our view of life, and when we’re looking into the eyes we felt some kinds of ‘déjà vu’ then that person must be somebody close to me. Not in this event of life, but maybe in my past life.

I once met a New Jersey fire fighters. We stayed at the same hotel and didn’t go anywhere during dinner time. We met on that night; he sat in front of me. He had finish his dinner while me, just started my dinner.

He was still there listening to the song of the frog and the wind, when I finished my dinner. Then he went into receptionist area to get an advice for his tour of the next day. While me, just want to confirm my late check out.

Then, since am the only person there and the hotel staff needed someone to explain about the place, as predicted I gave my advice of his tour. After that, the rest was like a two old childhood friend met. Exchange stories of each other life, discussing the baliness culture, our wishes when we had to leave this earth, everything.

.... We didn’t exchange mail after that, only a birthday card and a sweet thank you phone call ….

Today, just 10 months after the 1st strange phenomena, I met somebody again. So strange, I was reading the information board of yoga activities when somebody asks me whether I’ve tried their yoga class.

I never met that person before and politely I informed her that I’ve been followed their yoga class several times during my visit to Bali. She asked me a common question and not more than 10 minutes, the story of her life, the burden of her life, dominated our communication.

… There is a difference between the first and second experience. The feeling of connection was stronger compare to the 2nd one. On the 1st one, it was like a water of the river, they could find their way to the sea. Whilst the 2nd one, I still feel the gap.

But one thing that I know, somehow, somewhere, the experience of today, was like a reminder of the purpose of my life. Something that I’ve been forgotten, the blissful feeling.

04 November 2006, Bali Spirit.

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