Wednesday, November 08, 2006


. My internet connection at home did not work for almost 2 days now. The technician promised to come yesterday, but for some reason he did not show up. I think its typical Telkom employee, snob and lazy. I hate it because I could not open my mail and browsing through the net. Well, just cross my finger that today everything will back to normal again.

Otherwise, have to open the internet during my way back to home or to the office with the latest EVDO only at certain area. I don’t know how to say, lucky or unlucky that I bought that small USB….

. Hm…nothing much to say only wants to give someone “a taste of his own medicine”. And let’s see the result.

. Don’t enough time to hibernate with my future plan of system changes. Have a meeting today but still have to catch up with the list of comment.

. Missed my grammar final test yesterday. Ian, the teacher, gave me a second chance. Means that I’ve to come early in Thursday at TBI to catch up for the grammar test..

. Got a lovely email from my him. Don't know to say, should I mad or cry or laugh. One thing that I know I don't want to fight.


treespotter said...

how big is the coverage these days? i use GPRS for now, but it's a bit pricey. any suggestions? discount packages, perhaps? :D

good luck with your test!

Xun said...

Have changed the web design recently? It is very dark, hard for eyes to adjust. The little Rod Stewart in white, leaning forward and backward, like in pain.

Anyway, you always wrote something that I could not comprehend. Once you mentioned prison, now you said you missed some grammer test. How come?

Anyway, nice to visit your blog, always new, always changing. And thanks for visiting mine.

tere616 said...

Xun : I never said that am in prison. Am working mother in telco industry and also have my own business in exporting handicraft. I also have my own acitivites besides being a mom and an employee, I have my yoga class and my english course.

It's been more than 5 months since I changed the web design. Last time, when you visited my blog, the design already changed.

While for the Rod Stewart, it depends on the streaming (can't explain it more)'s nice to know that you're still visiting my blog.

treespotter said...

heeey, where are you?

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