Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reason to Write

I’ve read in my neighbor blog about on experiencing life he started the discussion by question why some people write more than others. While in fact all of us have the same problems and excitements and experiences in our 24 hours day.

It’s a good post and good discussion too.

He stated in his writing that probably one of the cause that people just keep that kind of problems, excitement and experience in side and wait until it was enough to explode.

Hm…maybe. I remember my discussion with my fighting partner on the way back to home last night. “It’s been more than a week since your last post,” he said after I told him that I’ve been suffer of migraine for almost 3 days.

I tried to ask myself, whether I do keep that kind of experience, excitement and experience inside myself and BOOM .. post it to my blog ?

No. In my case, the correct statement is “feeling, emotion”. I need that emotion, feeling, to put the experience, excitement and problems in writing. I can’t keep it inside and explode it because the moment has gone.

I remember when I was working as a stringer journalist; I always try to bring back the “atmosphere” during the process of interview, by listening to some music at my lovely corner in my room. Or during the internship when I have to write the interview in the office (because it was a daily newspaper), since there’s no lovely corner or music, still I always bring back that emotion, that feeling, before I wrote the lead of the news.

So, back to the discussion, why some people writes more than others. For me there are several reasons.

Writing is not a simple task or job. For some people who do not like to write, they will find the difficulties to put their experience, their thought into words. They don’t know how to share their experience into something memorable.

For some people, writing is a need to release the feeling, emotion. As my neighbor, treespotter, said that “some of us (need) write because we probably have less of other output venues in our day. So we turned to writing as a delayed method of communication (as opposed to communicating to people in real time)”
The other reason is because we do not discipline ourselves to write our thought or experience our problem like the one who has a discipline to write.

I do believe that even though we have enough output venues in our day, still the emotion, the feeling to put that experience into writing is there. But I also do believe that for some people who do not like to write, even though they have the same experience, have the same emotion, still they can not put the experience into word.

Like my fighting partner said, “you have to discipline yourself” and it’s all about choices.


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