Saturday, May 10, 2008

2008 ICCA Award .... and Us

The greatest gift I got from GOD, the fruit of the sky is the limit, my team won the prestigious award in Indonesia Contact Center Association. Not just my team but also my company finally be there, be on the stage.

We have not got the Platinum award yet, but for the rookie in the association, won the silver award for The Best Supervisor, The Best Manager and The Best Operation, plus bronze award for The Best Team Leader, it’s a beautiful gift I’ve got before finally leave the operational and concentrate on heading new division.

Finally ……after the painful years, after all the “office politic”, we got the recognitions form the association, from the outsider.

Can’t forget the face of my team when I was walking to the stage, when I said thank you for giving me the best gift I’ve ever have at the end of my time in that division.

Well …..Another period of “The Sky is The Limit” is waiting at the other door …


Elyani said...

Congrats Lalita! Keep up the great work. What does ICCA stand for anyway?

GJ said...

It's wonderful to be recognised, even better publicly. Well done and I'm sure you will continue to set very high standards in your new venture.


tere616 said...

Elyani ; ICCA is Indonesia Call Center Association. Thank you a lot ...:-)

GJ : Yes GJ, I will as I always say to my team, I always aim high but be realistic when I fail. Thank you so much ...:-)