Saturday, May 31, 2008

Indonesian Ad for Indonesia National Resurgence Day

20 May 2008 is the day where Indonesian as a Nation commemorates 100 years of Indonesian National Resurgence.

That day, 100 years ago, on 20 May 1908, for the first time, Indonesian people dreamt for their freedom as a Nation. And 20 years later, on the same date, 20 October 1928, Indonesian youth, declared and dreamt for “One Nation, One Country, and One Language”.

Now, 100 years later, where the dream becomes reality, the dreamt has lost their meaning.

Until I watched this ad, I realized the meaning of Indonesian National Resurgence in the globalization era …

Bangkit itu … Susah
Susah melihat orang lain susah
Senang melihat orang lain senang

Bangkit itu … Takut
Takut Korupsi
Takut makan yang bukan haknya

Bangkit itu ... Mencuri
Mencuri perhatian dunia dengan Prestasi

Bangkit itu ... Marah
Marah bila martabat bangsa dilecehkan

Bangkit itu ... Malu
Malu jadi benalu
Malu karena minta melulu

Bangkit itu ... Tidak Ada
Tidak ada kata menyerah
Tidak ada kata putus asa

Bangkit itu ... Aku
Aku untuk Indonesiaku

It’s in Bahasa Indonesia
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:-) Just got the reminder from Rob Baiton of the Babel Vista ...
Sorry, you can't get the translation, Babel Vista don't provide it yet.

But ...the idea of the above poem is :
Back to 100 years ago, the purpose of National Resurrection is to fight for the freedom, but in the globalization era, resurrection is more than fight for the freedom, resurrection is about care to others who suffer, be able to feel the joy of others, be able to say no to corruption, be able to fight, to strive for the best in ourselves as a human being.


Rob Baiton said...

Does Babel Fish have an Indonesian to English feature?

tere616 said...

rob baiton : OMG :-D, am so sorry ... I think it's because of the effect of Kidzania :-)