Friday, May 30, 2008

Age versus Dream

A couple days ago, when I have finished my work, my colleague asked me of my future dream.

She asked of my dream in the corporation world, whether I would like to aim higher position or stay with the current one.

I told her that I always aim high, in every position that I had. “Aim High” is my value in the corporation world. But I also have other dream, to continue my handicraft business that I started 2 years ago where up to now I still got an order from my 1st and only one buyer besides open a small handicraft shop.

What surprised me was her comment that my dream was due to of my age, where according to her it’s less challenging compare to the position in the corporation world.

I was speechless at that time, still couldn’t get the connection between age, entrepreneurship and challenge.

As far as I know, become an employee were safer than running a business, because the responsibility is totally different.

When am become an employee my responsibility is only to myself, while when am running my own business, I have the responsibility to keep my business still going on, and to take care of my employee who work with me.

The risk is totally different, as long as the company is health enough than we do not have to worry. While running our own business, the risk is greater; we must have to running the business to be profitable.

Therefore, compare to age ….? What a nice thought ….

I told her that when I said I put my aim high, it means that I always strive to get exceeding performance result, I always strive to get higher position, and I always strive to get higher income …

But it doesn’t mean that when the opportunity to get higher position with higher income waiting at my front door, I will automatically open and welcome the opportunity. There’s one thing that become the basis of my decision. I call it “my corporation value”.

My value for not taking the credit of others as mine, my value for not stealing someone’s idea, my value for not taking the bribe, my value for not let others look down at my company during an interview, that is what I call my “corporation value”.

Higher income could not replace my peacefulness if it is against my corporation value.

So … back to my dream versus my age. Well … this time I have to admit that “age, experience, knowledge and value in life” really talk.

….and suddenly I felt lonely in the middle of the crowd ………


GJ said...

Don't worry good guys always win in the long run!!
I share your value system too>

tere616 said...

gj : the good guys ? :-D