Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Feeling Blue

I’m very not in my usual mood. It started since last Friday after long hours discussion and phone call.

The anger and hatred is there ..... No matter how hard I try to release them, it's still there.

I wish I know how to cure this anger and hatred
But apparently, for some reason, I could not do that.
The worst part, I could not let it go as I always do, put it all in writing.
Suddenly, I don’t even know how to gather all that scattered word in my mind.
I just know that the word is there, flying everywhere, and I could not pick them up.

I miss those days, ....
I miss those days, where I just can sit and talk and talk
I miss those days ……

I think I need Mia's Hug Shirt . I need a shoulder to cry on.

Phew … it’s time to put my “smiling” mask again. As someone said when I met him at the elevator yesterday, “It’s nice to see you, seems that you’re happy all the time” …..


Mia said...


tere616 said...

Mia : "hugs" thank you, am a member of free hugs now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, underlying principle, lost in space has been there for more than a week, I miss your new blog, hope you find your long week end nice

goblinbox said...

Anger is a double-edged sword; it cuts both ways. Good luck purging yourself of it.

tere616 said...

anonymous : Yeah ... as usual, lost my appetite to write. I have a bunch of idea in my head, but I couldn't put it all into a sentence. I think it's because of this Ied season. Will try to write it today or tomorrow.

goblinbos : Thank you ... am trying hard to maintain that anger. Thanks for stop by