Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Underlying Principle

The feeling is there, love, hatred and anger, side by side. But this time, Love is the most influence compare to the others.

Please, give me a second chance. Look at the underlying principle that can win the hatred and anger. I do believe that we still love each other. We have traveled a long the way to keep our love a live. I’m so sorry that I said that, I know that it was wrong. But please, try to understand my point of view also. Both of us have our own interpretation of that word.

And the woman just sit quietly with her memory fly away, try to put together her scattered picture of their dream, the never-ending dream. She asked herself, when was the last time he touch her. When was the last time she feels his love through his eyes, his softness kiss. When was the last time they talk and whisper “I love you” ; “I miss you”.

She remembered that night, after their long fight, when she called him only to say, I’m sleepy, I couldn’t wait for you. And she heard his breathing, the breathing of love.

But it’s up to you. This is my offer. We still need each other. I need you as much as you needed me. It’s been a need for me to help you during your tough time and it’s been a need for you to ask my help. You don’t have anybody to share your crazy day, your problem, you only have me. Same with me, I don’t have anybody to share my happiness, my problem, I only have you.. The last word she heard before she feels the softness of his skin.

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