Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today's Update

The traffic jam on the way to the office was a nightmare lately. I could not give a good example to my staff. Half of my way to the office, I fall asleep. It’s because – the classic reason – wake up early in the morning for “sahur” then instead of back to sleep, I just watch the news.
Review my service excellence training material, add 3 pages and changed the role-play situation. Have to give training tomorrow…; still have difficulties in arranging the time. Let’s see … what is going to happen tomorrow.

Got a “lullaby song” from my boss because of “Reader Letter” at Jawa Pos, yesterday. As usual, my staff does not have a service sense, working by follow the book, afraid to take a pro-active approach. So, after that lullaby song, called a meeting to some of my staff and gave them my beautiful speech of service

Had a fight with my friend because of his critic on me. Then the topic went to North Korea nuclear, the Moslem country nuclear. The issue of why Moslem country can’t have the permission from Uncle Sam to have nuclear weapon. Then jumped to another topic of expatriate who works in Indonesia, especially Indian. All of that crappy stuff, made me furious. Could not see the relation of that three topic. One thing that I know was his intention to do the revenge.

Attend the break fasting invitation of my company. They combined that invitation with a creativity game. And because we were so creative, we just choose the song today and combine it with parody. I finally made the decision to participate with my staff as a singer. It’s funny because most of the women singer actually is not a Moslem, they were Christian. We come to the stage with a piece of paper in our hand. Just in case, we forgot the lyric. Not bad, we won the 1st price. I was in my English course when they bombarded me with a text, saying that we won the 1st price – Not bad huh, for the amateur.

Run to my English class at TBI. Arrived there at 6.05 pm. Haven’t break the fasting, so I run to Ibu’s for a glass of hot tea (sweet, off course) and one free risoles. Got a homework, have to make a review of Wallace and Gomit film. A film kind of Bart Simpson, which is not for children. There are some words of innuendos. My friend who's crazy of being a movie director, laughed at me because I told him that I was crying when I saw Lake House movie, when we discussed that Wallace and Gomit film.

The worst part, my car got another scratch. @#$%^&*()@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*(,@#$%^&*, this is the second time within this week my driver crashed my car into the wall, after on Tuesday hit a bike. I don’t know how to say since he was working for my mother more than 10 years, so have to accept my mom's heritage.
Got an email from my buyer-to-be. She add her order but asked me to re-sign whatever paper. After the “scratch issue”, I lost my patient. Therefore, I sent her email asking the purpose of re-signing the contract. Oh Rusia ……!!!!
Anyway ... it's late now. Am sleepy. Miss my pilow ....


treespotter said...

busy daaay!!

hope you've a good weekend tere!

Anonymous said...

Hi, bukannya ngomong kesana kemari yang ga ada hubungannya itu kebiasaan yg sdh sangat lama.... Ckckck sekarang dipanggilnya crappy stuff hehehe supaya kolega dekat blog nya tahu...? Good luck

tere616 said...

Treespotter : Yes .. thursday was like hell for me. Anyway, have a business dinner tonight. Will see .. ; thank you for the wishes, hope you have a nice week end too

Anonymous : Don't get your point.