Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Gift of Life

Our lives should be lived
Not avoiding problems
But welcoming them as challenges
That will strengthen us
So that we can be victorious in the future
from "The Ultimate Gift" movie

I was in the middle of communicating with God this morning when suddenly that question flash in my mind.

“Is God truly exist ? Or it was just a wonderful story made by somebody to help people to overcome their loss, their problem, their happiness, their excitement ?”

I wish, I’m truly wish that I will hear a sound that encounter my thinking.
But there’s no voice, there’s none, zero.

What I remember only my last prayer to Him.
A prayer to return back my trust on Him.
A prayer to be like one of His disciple where he still believes Him even though He didn’t see Him.

Until I watch this movie, for the second time.
Then I realized that actually every day, every second of my breath, He gives me His ultimate gift, a gift of life.

Yes, a gift of laugh, of sadness, of hoping, of love, of work, of gratitude, of loss, of everything ….

Especially during the lowest part in our life,
He carried us.

Is God truly exist ?
Yes, I have to say He truly exist through the gift that we had in every second of our lives.


nadia febina said...

ya, life is the best gift from Him.. We can't hear Him, can't see Him, but can feel Him through our Heart.. apparently He's a lot closer than we think!

wonderful posting, tere! thanks for sharing it.. luv it... :)

oldman said...

Honey, you can feel God in every breath you take.

surjit said...

You have arrived at the truth,Tere616:
...'Yes, I have to say He truly exist through the gift that we had in every second of our lives...'
Nadia has put in this Truth in emphatically:
...'apparently He's a lot closer than we think!.'
Thanks for sharing your insights.
God bless.

tere616 said...

Nadia : Thank you for your insight too, apparently He's a lot closer than we think.

Oldman : Yes Oldman, I should feel God presence through it, but most of the time, "My Human" forgot to notice it.

Surjit : Yes, I have arrived at the truth, but so many times in our lives we forgot the truth. Just wish that I never forgot the truth that I had arrived, when I was in the lowest part of my life.

Bless you all