Monday, November 19, 2007

God's Magic

During the worst of all crises,
Friends appeared
Since then, the first thing I do
Is ask for help

Chronicle – Crises and Their Traps
Paulo Coelho

It’s quite amazing when some of your old friends suddenly come from nowhere, just to say hello and good things about you, especially when you were in the lowest part of your life. Nothing is more encouraging than that …

Suddenly, out of the blue, some of my old friends called me or send their text to me, just to say hello and good things about me.

I do believe that when you were at the lowest part of your life, the one that will help you, the one that will lend you an ear, were always your best friend.
The reason were simple, they know you better than anybody else.

But in fact, it’s not always like that.
Sometimes even your best friend did not understand your sorrow
Maybe because when we were in sorrow, we ask more than what we always shown to them.
Maybe because they were also busy with their sorrow, maybe …. I do not have the answer.

Therefore, when everything seems unbearable for me, God shown His magic through the beautiful thought of my old friends.

It feels like magic for me, like a good fairy stick that changed the word of Cinderella.

Am I feeling better ?
Yes, and deep down myself, I know God is always there, watching me from above

Do I still feel the sorrow, the sadness ?
Yes, the feeling is there.
I need time to overcome it.
It’s just because am human, flesh and blood, am not an angel, not even a saint.

Do I still value my friendship with my best friends ?
Yes, I am.
I still love them, as before …
They are human also anyway …

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