Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pathetic Sunday

I think I’m at the lowest level of my feeling, my mood, my health, my every single thing in life.

A lazy Sunday I ever have in my life, what a waste of beautiful Sunday.

Except from went to Church, the others were like going nowhere, swam to the non dreamy island, surfing the net, called the agent of apartment in Singapore, that’s it.

Hm … sent several texts to my friend, called my nephew, watch the Disney show without having a clue of the show, … what a pathetic activities.

Anyway … maybe that’s the best thing for me, at least for today …


Cokelatrawkz said...

Dear Sis, I hate sunday too. Sunday is lame except going to church and have a bowl of hot Kolok Mee after the mass. :D

tere616 said...

cokelatrawkz : No sis, I don't hate sunday. I always waiting my sunday. But this time, I have my sunday. BTW, we have the similarity of what we ate after the mass, hot mee :-D