Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When there’s no turning back,
Then we should concern ourselves only
With the best way to going forward

- The Alchemist -
Paulo Coelho

Nothing is more depressing than knowing that you were being blame of something that even normal people could not find the mistakes and nothing is more frustrating than dealing with people who doesn’t know the works ethics.

But nothing is happier than finding a time for you in the midst of depressing and frustrating day …

A little time for myself at the TBI cafeteria, remembering the old days that I spent my friends. The old days where we struggle with our home work, the discussion class, or our movie time review. The old days at the cafeteria where Ibu has to put our name in her “debt book” just because we didn’t even have enough money to pay the meals.

I never thought that I will sit at the cafeteria at lunch remembering these old memories of our class and got greetings from the staff. Our class which has been known as the “wicked” class…

Old days … especially the happy ones always have a mark in your heart as well as the saddest one.

And sometimes or most of the time during our saddest time, we always looking back to the old days where the happiest time were there, using our “IF” words over and over.

But this time, finally I could make my self for not looking back to the old days because life is not going backward. No “IF” word were being used by me, because it will bring me to the backward stage. It’s about time to see the world differently now …

It’s about changing the life style …
My life style ..


surjit said...

Yes, you are right.We can change ourselves and not the people.
Thanks Tere616, for sharing your wonderful thoughts.
God bless.

Silverlines said...

Hey girl ...

I really hope you are doing okay since I see your latest posts sound a bit ... sad.

Just for you to know that you've got a friend in me.


tere616 said...

Surjit : Yes, it's only ourselves who can change the world, not others. God Bless to you too

Silverlines : Hopefully today am back to my "world". It is still sad but I think I'm recover now. Thank you for your lovely message. *hugs*